Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Shae turns 7!.

This kid brings me some of the greatest joys in my life.  Her personality is coming in quite strongly now and she is one crazy child.  Now that Shae is seven, I have kissed goodbye those baby years and I am embracing her childhood now.  Although, this kid has me rolling laughing all the time.

Some things about Shae at 7:
1.  She LOVES movies.  She easily picks up lines to any movies and has such a knack at quoting them at the funniest times.
2.  She has a style all of her own.  Sometimes I put up a battle, but most the time, I let her choose the clothes she wears.  They are always "eye catching" ensembles that get lots of attention.   She has been nick named Punky Brewster if that gives you any clue of what I am dealing with.
3.  Shae has continued taking swim lessons and piano lessons.  She has a year under her belt in both these activities and she is doing very well.
4.  She lives, breaths and wakes for play dates with her friends.  Especially with Bayli.  This gives me great joy that she has such great friends to play with and that she has those interactions all the time.  Healthy for an only child.
5.  She loves cookies and cream ice cream, raspberries, pizza, eating at Sizzler, and Reeces Peanut Butter Cups.
6.  She prefers to snuggle with her dad at night to fall asleep.
7.  She constantly carries around with her at least 2 stuffed cats.  Stripey and Pepper.
8.  She is very curious and asks a bazillion questions.  Some are just simple and some are into deeper things.  For example, she asked me the other day why people open and close their mouths when they kissed?  Yeah, at 7 I am dealing with this topic.
9.  She has a sincere concern for others.  Sometimes when I catch her praying, I hear 3 things:
a. Bless me to have a great day. b. Bless my family to be safe c. Bless ______ to help them feel better.
10. She is such a great kid.  Very obedient, humble and meek.  I love her to death and cannot wait for another awesome year to watch her grow up to 8. AAHHHH!  My baby is turning 8 next year.   Excuse me as I go weep in the corner curled up in a ball.  
Here are some pics from her birthday celebrations!

Riding with her dad

Somehow she turned it into a photo shoot of herself.

She wanted fireworks for her birthday, so I caved and got sparklers.

Birthday Morning!

Her Sidewalk Chalk Birthday sign!


Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

Happy Birthday to Shae!

Jenice said...

We love that girl so much. Happy Birthday Shea.


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