Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Things that make me happy..........

1.  Picking fresh raspberries off of my raspberry bush and coming the next day to find even more raspberries from the day before.  PLUS, finding joy in beating the birds who are eating my raspberries to the fresh ones and singing "neener, neener, neener!" as I do it.

2.  Having my husband tell me to make a reservation at Little America for an overnight stay.  And it being a mandatory and most important priority in our lives to have more "time just you and I."  Gosh, I love that man.  Hey, honey, the reservation is done!

3.  Seeing my friend Kristen smile while drinking a Fanta Red Cherry Slurpee.  The poor kid has joined the "I'd rather endure death than be pregnant like this" club.  Welcome Kristen!  As a new member, we get to initiate you by spoiling you as much as we can until your overwhelming pukiness subsides.  So happy for this lady that she is having another baby.  I live vicariously through her pregnancies, so we must do the best we can to keep this lady in good spirits.  Anyone have any good movies to recommend to her?  She stuck on the couch for a little while and will probably be the only time in her life that she will have the desire to sit and watch movies.  Take advantage while you can!!!!

4.  The family hug after family prayer and seeing who can be the first to say I love you.

5.  My sweet daughter Shaeler.  Lately, that kid brings me the greatest joy.  She has been struggling the last month or so, and at 7 years old had to take a large slice of humble pie.  Part of growing up, I guess.  Learning, growing, and seeing some of the realities of this world.  I find myself having to hug her and rub her back.  She really is quite tender hearted and desires to make everyone happy.  She tries so hard to please those around her.  Her little spirit has grown so much over the last little while and her spiritual wisdom is surprising sometimes.  Life is awesome with her in it and I want her to know that I love the relatioship we have as mom and daughter.

6.  Friends that I can serve.  It seems the last little while, there is crisis after crisis coming from left and right.  I was telling my friend, Katie, that sometimes when I get the news, it feels like a round house kick in the face and it isn't even happening to me.  I've cried one too many times at church lately.  However, I choose to find the silver lining in taking these opportunities to reach out and serve those the best I can.  Honestly, it has been a healing to me, and hopefully a small healing for them.  I have found that the most charitable thing I can do in those situations is just listen and provide compassion for those I love.  I recently gave a talk about charity and all I can think of lately is who can I help today and it eases some of the personal stresses that I have been feeling.

7.  Visiting Martins Cove and preparing for Trek.  This last weekend we drove to Wyoming to be trained for our Trek that is happening next summer.  I am so excited, I could pee my pants!!!  So many awesome and amazing things are being planned and we have WAY exciting personal events that may happen also.  I feel the call of my ancestors to help them teach our youth in a way only they can.  I have never laughed and giggled so much on a trip and I feel so lucky to work shoulder to shoulder with some AMAZING people!!  Putting my Trek bonnett on and feeling an overwhelming emotion as I lay my pioneer clothes out on the bed, that their holiness is as high as my temple clothes. 

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Ann Marie said...

I LOVE-LOVE all of your happy things! I felt excited reading them too! :)

Grateful you are serving others so much. You are a great friend.. and listener.. :)

Have fun in Little America!


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