Sunday, March 3, 2013

Home Again, Jiggity Jig!

We are Home!! 
We went on vacation for the longest time since Shaeler was born!  Seriously!
My mom and dad bought us all tickets for a cruise.  So off we went as a family to get away, rest and relax.
We left a few days early to play in St. George and it was FREEZING there.   We went miniature golfing outside and then spent most of the time inside.   In St. George we did a little shopping, ate out and then sat in the hot tub.  I now know that I have a sensitivity to chlorine as my entire abdomen broke out in a rash.  Boo!  We also went to church in St. George and made it to a Branch that is created for those who "fly south for the winter."  It was very interesting to observe and I actually enjoyed the sincerity and depth of appreciation as elderly gentlemen blessed and passed the sacrament. 
We had a short stay in Vegas and then it was off to California!  Before we boarded the ship, we had lunch at Bubba Gump's per Brian's request.  I ordered a vegetable and shrimp kabob and it was delicious.  I am now a shrimp eater.
The cruise was a lot of fun.  Shaeler got a head cold the second day into it because she got too cold from swimming in the pools and it was a bit cool on the ship.  She was fine until dinner and then she would be so tired from the days activities, that she would want to go to bed by the middle of dinner.  Even skip dessert if she could.
We had so many laughs and giggles together as a family.   It took some adjusting for me to not be able to freely eat the cakes, cookies, ice cream cones etc.  However, don't feel bad, I brought my 100% cocoa bar with me to hit the sweet spots when needed. 
The cruise line itself was very pleasant.  No fires, no poop running down the hall, no stomach plague break outs. etc etc.  We had excellent service and everyone on the ship was very nice.  I found a lot of peace in eating in the places where either myself or the waiter was the only one near the food.  I am not one that is big on buffet style and now I know how and where to go for eating peace.  Although, the meals that were served buffet style were actually very good also.
Brian and I went para sailing in Catalina!  Mark that off my bucket list!  He actually recorded the ride on his GoPro and he is looking for music to add to it for our viewing pleasure.  Hopefully, he can get that up soon!  Also new to my life, I ate salmon and I liked it!  WHAT?? I know, right?
Shaeler had a ball and was given money to buy souvenirs.  We agreed that she could buy whatever she wanted, but when she was out of money, then she was out.  She had 1/3 of it spent before we even got on the boat.  She bought another stuffie, a journal and then in Catalina she bought a samba skirt.  See picture above.  She wiggled and jingled everywhere we went.  HELP ME!  People would come up to her all the time and say that every little girl should have a skirt like that.   I beg to differ.  This skirt fits in the same category as the electric pianos grandparents buy for little toddlers.  Oh vey!  Sometimes I would "put her skirt away" so she would forget about it when getting dressed in the morning.  Sure enough, she would find it and put it on again.  My life is a gift!
We are so grateful for my mom and dad giving us this wonderful gift.  Thank you for your generosity, your time in watching Shaeler and your love.  We appreciate you guys and are so grateful for this wonderful Christmas present!  Thank you!


Jenice said...

I am so glad you had fun. Your dad is going through family withdrawals. He says it is because he misses being around everyone. We are going to try to spend more time together with everyone. We cannot wait to see the video and your pictures. Janet sent me the pictures of the kids and they look sooooooo grownup. It was wonderful spending time with everyone. Let's do this again real soon.

Ann Marie said...

What fun!!

If I ever go on a cruise.. I'm going to hit you up for tips on the food hints.. haha

SOOO glad you guys had so much fun. I look forward to seeing the video.

We'll have to do dinner sometime this month! :)


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