Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Olympic Oval

Last night I got to go to the Olympic Oval for Young Womens. To be completely honest, I don't enjoy being on skates. I have a severe depth perception problem and to be out of control on skates, basically scares me. But I look at every adventure with a positive attitude and headed to the Oval to have some fun.

Here are my skates of death. Is is just me, or do they not look really sharp and like weapons? My friend Katie and I were discussing the complete comfort of wearing these skates and what exactly are they made out of? Someone said leather, but Katie I came to the conclusion that they are made out of Vileather (Vinyl/leather). Not the greatest support and very high in intense pain on the ankle bones.

As I am skating around the oval, I feel like my technique and grace is getting better. I looked up and thought someone had taken a picture of me on the rink.

Nope that is not me! Ha ha! So my friends and I pulled over to the side and hit the pose. It just wasn't the same.

M made the comment that she skates like Cheese.

I said Cheese? She then tells me "Yeah, cuz Cheese can't skate." LOL Oh, she is such a funny kid.

Here are some pictures of the other Awesome Leaders, Young Men, and Young Women that I had fun with last night!

I love J and B! They are so much fun and an honor to work with!

Some of the Young Men!

These girls gave an honest effort for trying. All of them had a great attitude and they had a ball!

My sideline sally's who have more fun wearing their skates off on the sidelines and acting crazy, than actually skating themselves.

We headed outside, yes outside to enjoy our hot chocolate and doughnuts.

My hats off to my dear friend Becky. She came last night, in the middle of a family crisis (they might have to put their dog Cassi down whom they have had forever and they absolutely adore). She came with a bright smile and she is always so supportive. I absolutely adore this woman and I hope she knows that I absolutely "Love her Guts, man!"


Annban10 said...

I'm glad you guys braved the skates! Looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

Toe Pick!!! Hahaha.


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