Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hats Off to the Living Planet Aquarium!

Recently the family decided to go the the Living Planet Aquarium. I've got to say, for being in an old grocery store, they really have a fun place there.

Shae started out a little apprehensive and whiny. I think it is because she had just woken up from her nap. She loves fish and it took a bit but then she was in heaven. She loves to sing songs about frogs and when we showed her an actual frog, she did not like them anymore.

I feel bad for the Jelly Fish even though they are totally awesome to look at. They practically look alienish and they float around in circles all day long.

They are very interactive over there and allow you to touch some of the fish. My favorite were the Sting Rays. Those bad boys(girls) get a kick out of coming out of the water at you. They swim around the tank and you can pet them. I would rest my hand on the edge as we watched them swim by and Shae would pull my hand away very quickly. She precedes to tell me that I need to "Watch out, they bite, mommy!"

It was fun to spend the time together as a family. It is not the cheapest place I have been to, but I myself, would go once a year to touch the Sting Ray!

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The Dorsey Clan said...

Robert and I were reading your blog and he wanted to leave a comment; "Shaeler's cute".

He would also like to request that he and Shae return to the aquarium when we visit again.

Robert will probably be showing Morgan your blog space once she returns from school and heaven only knows the comments she will want to post.

Love you!


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