Tuesday, January 29, 2008

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I have been officially tagged by Ann to tell 6 things that you might not know about me. I awoke this morning at about 4:00 am and have been thinking about this one for over an hour. I think I have my 6 even without Brian's help.

1. All of my greatest personal revelations have come on the treadmill or on my bike. Yup, unlike prophets and people of old or any other person I seem to talk to, who go to the temple or up on a mountain top for personal revelation, I get very little in those places. I am not giving up on the temple or the mountains, (I start there first most of the time) it just seems that I get best inspiration when I am sweating. I am not sure if it is that my carnal mind is distracted with the actual movement and then my spiritual mind can receive clarity, but I chuckle sometimes to think that my holiest places are my treadmill downstairs or my bike out on the road.

2. I have come to terms with this and I can admit that I am a Sugaraholic. No, I am not kidding you, I have a problem. I can eat anyone under the table with anything sweet. When I was little and we would go out to eat, I would beg my parents to let me have desert for my meal. My lowest point of my addiction was after I ate 2 boxes of raw cake mix. I was so out of control, I was 1 step away from almost sniffing the stuff. My 2 arch nemesis are Pez and Reisens. Something about little tablets of sugar and chocolate and caremel make me melt. When I am at a low point in my life, all I want is a cupcake (homemade not Hostess). In fact, when I was pregnant with Shaeler and sick as a dog, I lived off of doughnuts and icecream. No wonder the kid come to this world 5lbs 12 oz. The nurses asked me if I smoked or drinked and I honestly told them that I did not. What I didn't admit was my diet of sugar the entire pregnancy. For those who are concerned or bothered at this point, I have found peace with the help of a professional. I see a nutritionist often and he keeps me in control. Soon I hope that I will overcome this and never return again to 2 boxes of raw cake mix.

3. I love tabs and labels. I have an obsession with tabs and labels. Those who know me know that I enjoy cleanliness and order. The icing on the cake for me would be to label everything in my home. I have a label maker, in which I have to calm down to use. The only reason everything in my home is not labeled yet is because my husband doesn't really have the knack to put things back to where they belong and Shaeler cannot read that well yet. If I label everything and they do not follow the labels, I would just be angry all of the time. I also love to tab my books. My scriptures are out of control. I have tabbed the New Testament and the Book of Mormon and am still going. The Bishop borrowed my scriptures one time and when he saw my tabs, he looked perplexed. He handed them back to me and got another set.

4. For some reason, I am mesmerized by people of color or ethnicity. This one I cannot figure out. I have traveled quite a bit and I respect all races. For some reason, I could sit in a crowded place and watch people and find myself literally staring at an African American family or Hispanic family or group. I find them so beautiful and unique to what I am use to all time. For some reason, the way they move, talk, mannerisms is just fascinating to me. I know we are all the same and it is not an issue of comparing myself to them, but I could just study them all the time. If by chance I make eye contact, I try never to look away, but to smile and hope that they can read in my eyes that I find them absolutely beautiful.

5. I am extremely clausterphobic. Not just a little, by extremely. Sometimes when I am sitting in my car and am stopped at a stop light and look around my car, I start feeling sick because of the little space that I am driving around in. So I focus on the windshield. When I was little, my sister use to torture me by holding a pillow over my head. Not once, but many times. I think it all stems from that. As a child, I rarely went down a tunnel slide because if there were any punky boys that would clog it up with their bodies to be funny, I would majorly freak out. Sometimes when Brian and I cuddle, if I cannot see a clear exit for movement, I get nervous. I remember when I went to visit my sister and her husband when they lived in Colorado Springs. There were these famous caves in between Denver and Colorado Springs that you can visit. I hesitantly went, thinking I could look at this as an adventure to try and get over my fear. Well, when you are on a tour with a group of people, we would walk cave to cave and if you were the first one in the cave, people would start to stand in front of you when gathering to hear what the tour guide has to say. Here I am with my back pinned up against the wall in a small cave with 20 something people standing all around me. Only 1 exit. I notice the tour guide who is facing us, giving us facts about the cave and he is standing there alone, with all the free space he needs. In the next cave and the rest of the caves, I stood next to the tour guide and faced the people. Brian was teasing me that I was flirting with him and I proceeded to tell him that the only thing the tour guide had to offer me that I wanted was space. Airplanes are the worst and LLLOOONNNGGG drives in my father-in-laws truck get me upset. So if you are ever with me and I claim shotgun or a seat by the window, know that I am not trying to be selfish, it is strictly for my sanity.

6. I love to read! Give me a good book and I will have it done within a day. I can read very quickly and I am actually getting to the point where I prefer to read over watching telelvision. I have come to the point where I actually dislike TV and have a great passion of filling my book shelves. I love romance and adventure books. I prefer stories over documentaries. Everyday, I have a designated time (during Shaes naps) that I read or study. I use to love Oprah, Dr Phil, Ugly Betty, a whole list of shows, but now, I would rather read. I will admit, Barnes and Noble and Deseret Book know me personally. There is something comforting to me and having a book in my hand all the time. So if I am out of the loop on shows or movies, ask me what book I am currently reading.

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Annban10 said...

You are so funny!!
See, that's why these blogs are great. You really get to know people. You have a GREAT sense of humor!! I didn't know 5 of the things about you!

We are alot alike in 3 ways. My inspiration is always in the tub or shower. It's because it's the only time I relax and meditate, and have a clear head...

I have chlausterphobia as well. Mostly if we are camping or in a cave, and it's pitch black. I feel like I can't breath. Elevators can make me crazy sometimes too. I've had the cave experience like you before too.

We are tab and label soul mates!! Together we can label the world with our label makers!!


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