Friday, February 22, 2008

Dinner at the White Chocolate Grill

Well for those of you who have gone out to dinner with Brian and I, we had our usual luck of dinner going bad in some way. We went out to dinner with my parents last night to the White Chocolate Grill here in Las Vegas. We walked into the place and it was very classy and I felt a little under dressed in my jeans. We were seated almost immediately and were handed our menus. My sister and cousin Serena highly reccommended the place. Prices were a little high, but Brian and I decided to share like we always do. Our meals were brought to us and my mom had ordered the Pork tenderloin that had an apricot dressing. She took one bite and it was spicy. She has an extremely sensitive stomach and she has to be very careful. We were half way into our meal and our original waitress who had taken our order, still had not come back to check on us. So my dad ate her pork and gave her some chicken to eat. Then we all ran out of water to drink and that was it for my mom. She saw another worker there that looked like a manager and let him know how frustrated she was that we did not have a waitress come and check on us and she was very thirsty. She was mad because when you pay prices like that, you expect service that matches. So the manager ran and got us some water, then tried to offer us free dessert. Everyone refused and I was like "Free sugar" but politely declined because everyone else had. Then our original waitress came back and apologized and again offered "dessert that was on the house." Well, I am sorry, but you cannot turn down such an opportunity like that. I piped up and told her I would take it. I ordered the White Chocolate Brownie with ice cream. She left to get the dessert and the manager came back with two $25 gift certificates for the restaurant to come again. AND he took the pork tenderloin off of the bill AND we got the dessert for free. We asked my dad what the bill was and he said it was for $48.00. So basically, they paid us to come in and eat with them. It was hilarious. We all enjoyed the dessert even my mom and we left with much better spirits than before. All and all, I guess the moral of the lesson is that if you are unhappy with your meal, say something, especially when you are with us. We seem to have the luck to get everyone at the table a little something....(remember Iggy's when evreryone got free dessert because they messed up my pizza!)

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Annban10 said...

Sweet~~ Literally!!

Can a restaraunt be bad with the name of White Chocolate in it's title??

I have to agree, I never complain when the service is bad... And I should.

I am enjoying your vacation stories!


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