Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Loving the History!

Well, we have had a jammed packed vacation of History and sight seeing. I have taken so many pictures and have so many great stories, but I am going to edit it down. I write in my journal every night and between this and my journal, I feel like I relive my life twice, and the time it takes is taking away from my reading. So here are some of the places we have been!

Yesterday we went and visted the Brigham Young Winter House. I loved this house. I am really growing an appreciation for my heritage and antiques. His home was warm and inviting. We had to sit out on the front porch for about a half an hour for the next tour. I didn't mind because we sat out in the warm weather and enjoyed the sun. Walking through his home, I really felt the Spirit and his love. I liked his bedroom the most. It was a large room. In it was a bed, a table for church business, a desk for his studies, and then a second table for eating and chatting. It was a pleasure to be able to walk around. We also visited the Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum. As I walked around, I kept thinking to myself that Ann would absolutely love this place. Then we walked downstairs and I have grown for an appreciation for Ann's love of chairs. Downstairs was full of furniture and a ton of chairs. They were a amazing to look at and I loved it. My favorite part of the DUP Museum was the friendship quilt that was made. It was so beautiful and my mind started churning with ideas.

Today, we started our day at the Mountain Meadow Massacre. Brian wanted to drive the route for the St. George Marathon and the Hwy that took us out to the Mountain Meadow Massacre was the Hwy they run. It was a solemn and melochaly place to visit. We saw the Memorial for the graves and their was a wreath there with the names of all of the members of a family that had died. Ages ranging from 52 down to an infant. My heart was saddened but I learned a lot from this experience. I really have to watch any negative comments that I will ever say and that people that are trying to become like God are not perfect. People can make very poor choices. As we drove back to Santa Clara, I reminded myself that running the St. George marathon really did not intrigue me. We had lunch at the Grubstation which was a locally owned sandwich shop. It was pretty good.

Next, we stopped at the Jacob Hamblin home. I know that Ann is a decendent and I can say I truly enjoyed Jacob Hamblin's story. I loved his red bandana and his love and integrity for the Native Americans. My favorite story was of when his wife Rachel died and he left for a time period to truly mourn and grieve her loss. They found a rock with his name and date around the time that he was gone. Below it was a petroglyph of a man with his hands pointing down and a long curvy line. They say that the Native Americans say that the man with hands pointing down is a sign of saddness and the line represents his life. I just felt that his love for Rachel was deep and felt that it was a very romantic story. I am thankful for Sister Cook and her knowledge of the Hamblin Home. She and her husband finish their mission tomorrow.

Next we stopped at the Tabernacle. It was funny, we walked into the building and a Sister Koehler greeted us. Behind her was a man who was on the phone that was a spitting image of Mark Eubank. She began speaking with us and Elder Eubank excused himself behind me so he could read a schedule to someone on the phone. Yup, it was Mark Eubank and he is serving a mission down her in St. George. That was totally wierd. We toured the whole building and it was wonderful to see all of the little details of the Tabernacle. We were able to sit behind the podium where all but 2 Prophets have spoken. It is also the place where Lorenzo Snow gave his famous talk about tithing. My favorite part of the building was outside where the bricks are carved from the red clay. There were 5 men that cut the bricks and you can see the different styles of the men.

Our last stop was the St. George Temple. We went into the visitors center and learned how the temple was built and the history of it. We were also able to walk around the displays and got to go into the Family display. I cried because the Spirit was so strong again. We left into the rain to go and see the Factory Outlet malls.

We didn't really buy anything other than candy at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. We headed back to the hotel and saw a DI in Washington, so we pulled off and YUP, I bought more books!! YAY!!! Now we are just back at the hotel vegging and getting ready for another fun filled day.

I cannot express enough how blessed I feel to be able to spend this time with my family and the incredible experience we are having. We are truly blessed!

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Annban10 said...

I am so GLAD you are loving the history! As you were going through the places, it brought back alot of memories. I will have to share with you next time we are together about the Tabernacle and Chad. Very Embarrassing. I'm glad you got a picture of the rock at the Hamblin Home. Have fun in Vegas!! Thanks for sharing on the post a fun time!! It's nice to see it sunny somewhere!!


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