Friday, February 15, 2008

My Happy Helper!

Friday is my cleaning day, and I pretty much do it all by myself. I usually don't like Shaeler to help, because it ends up being a mess more than helping which in turn doubles my time to clean. Today, she mad a huge milestone. She had a desire to clean and it was really cleaning. Oh, my heart shouted for joy because it would be so much nicer if she can clean up after herself and the work ethic she can learn from chores is brings great happiness to me. I hear her in her bedroom singing as she is putting away her clothes and toys. I grabbed my camera in time to watch her fold up a blanket. I asked her to then make her bed! This is great, I love what she does with the pillows.
As a mother, I really want Shae to value work and a work ethic. Now that she is old enough to have chores, I want her to enjoy doing it and seeing the end result of something that she did! In the end, she cleaned her room all by herself and was very pleased with the work she did!

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Katie said...

I'm sad to say, but the video isn't working. I'll ask my brother in the morning if he might now why that is. Sorry.


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