Saturday, February 16, 2008

Girls Night Out!

Last night Brian went to watch a movie with the guys, and so Shae and I had a girls night out. We dicided to do what we did last October when Brian left us for Priesthood meeting. First we went over to Gasoline Alley and played games with one goal in mind. Earn as many tickets that we could to buy sticker earings for Shaeler. We plyaed stomp the spider and then decided to actually ride with Spider Man himself.

Then we played what I think is called "Skeeter Ball." Where you roll the ball down and try to get into to one of 4 holes for points. Shae would roll the ball and it would roll right back. She didn't really like the game. We went to shoot hoops and I spent more time chasing basketballs around the place than her getting any in the hoop.

So we headed to our 2 trusted ticket earners. One is where a light circles around the machine and you try to hit it when it is inbetween two lighted arches and you win the jackpot. The other one is a machine where Shae pushes a big red button and plastic bouncy balls drop down onto a spinning circle with multiple holes. Wherever the ball lands is how many tickets you get. We earned lots of tickets at these machines.

Shae's favorite game was the claw machine that picks up candy or bracelets or stickers until you win. She thought that one was the best. We then went up to the counter and bought a lipgloss compact and 5 sticker earings.

Next we headed over to Cold Stone for an icecream treat. Shae got cotton candy ice cream and I got my usual Light Cakebatter with Strawberries.

Next we went to mommies favorite store, Deseret Book. We walked around and picked out a few new books and then decided to head back home to veg and watch a movie. We started watching our movie when the door bell rang. It was Katie dropping off a Valentine treat and so I asked her to come in and hand out. We hung out and watched the movie and talked until the boys came back from their movie. Katie, thank you so much for the cookies, the gift and the card. You really topped off our girls night out!


Annban10 said...

Wow! It sounds like a great night!

Where is Gasoline Alley??

Shae looks so big.. I can see she's looking more like you now.

What books did you end up getting from DB?? Coldstone looks yummy!

Katie was so awesome! Yummy, sugar cookies, and a great book. She is so thoughtful!!

Suzie said...

Gasoline Alley is in Jordan Landing! It is fun for the little ones and not too pricey. The 2 books I got were, Christ and the New Covenant by Jreffrey R Holland and Inspiring Experiences that Build Faith by Thomas S Monson. Shae picked up a puppy book to take to church.


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