Monday, February 4, 2008

Play Time vs TV Time

It has come to my attention recently that my daughter is hooked on TV. Just saying that statement really bothers me. She has a huge imagination but has no one to play with. I can only do so much but as an adult, I do not have the same energy level as her. So today, I called Shaeler's friend B over to play. She had a blast!! They played downstairs and played board games. They were laughing at each other and so I took pictures as to what they were doing. They were just having fun together.

Watching them, it has become a lot clearer to me the importance of relationships in my life. I have spent countless hours watching the TV. My own personal adventures waste away because I want to watch someone else's adventures on a screen. I don't want my life story to be a list of TV shows I watched my entire life. Well I am done with it! Life is too great to just sit around and watch go by. I am associated with some really awesome people and when I look back in my life, I want lots of pictures of all the people in my life having as much fun as my daughter and her friend did today. When I die, I want stories after stories of how I affected others and how they affected me. I look forward to filling my blog with my own adventures and I truly hope that any of you can get excited and join me!

1 comment:

Annban10 said...

Cute pictures of the girls!

It looks like fun!

I need a small camera to tote around, and capture more!!


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