Sunday, February 3, 2008

President Hinckley, God Be With You Till We Meet Again!

Was it worth putting my family through the cold and suffering? Absolutely!!

I cannot say enough that I love and sustain Gordon B Hinckley as a prophet of God! I know that the principles and commandments he has taught and asked of me will lead me home to my Heavenly Father. I am thankful for his example and his commitment on growing the church by building temples and reaching out to everyone. Advising me to be kind to one another and standing a little taller and doing the best that I can. For all the blessings that I and my family has received from the Gospel and following the prophet, I will gladly stand in line to pay my respect and say goodbye. I know that he is with his beloved wife and he is happy. So for me, his passing has not really been sad.
I heard the radio play a tribute to President Hinckley and would play excerpts of his testimony in between the songs. I sat down and cried a little. Not because he was gone, but because his tetimony is nothing but the absolute truth. His calling is to help us to become like God and return home to Him through the Savior Jesus Christ. This is a gospel of peace and hope and he testified of that. And even though he is gone, that hope and peace will continue on as we sustain a new prophet. He was not a person I knew personally, but he is someone that I can still listen to on my ipod or read any of his talks. He is still with me as he was before, its just now I wont get any new stuff. Oh, if I could be a fly on the wall when the 12 apostles get together would be totally AWESOME! It was one of the hardest 4 hours we have had to endure, but it seems like the best things in life, has a hard price to pay. It is become very clear to me that if I truly loved and believed Gordan B Hinckley and sustained him as a prophet, I will continue to follow his teachings.
I just got home from Stake Conference and we were challenged to read the Book of Mormon by August. I have also heard that there is a rumor about a challenge of reading the Book of Mormon in 97 days to honor President Hinckley. I am going to accept both challenges and I cannot wait to see what blessings will come my way.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a real adventure. Hope that no one got sick from the cold. Thank goodness for Jordan and the blanket.

Annban10 said...

I'm glad you guys had some great experiences this weekend. It made me tired just reading it all.

Good for you with the BOM challenges! My friend Monica is doing the 97 hinckley challenge too! You go girls!!

The Dorsey Clan said...

oK, five bucks says that the anonymouse person was mom. When we were at their house eariler today she said the exact same thing about Shae getting sick.

I loved your message and good luck.


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