Wednesday, March 26, 2008

BYU Women's Conference

Last year I attended a session of the BYU Womens Conference because my friend Rene Hill had to speak about the Atonement. She is a woman in my ward who is the Secretary/Office Manager for the General Primary Presidency. She is also a good friend of mine who I absolutely adore. I wanted to go and support her because she was very nervous about speaking in front of a large crowd. She did a wonderful job and her story was so very touching that the entire auditorium was crying. I cannot express how strong the Spirit and love I felt attending this Conference.

As I walked around the campus of BYU, I was a little sad that I chose not to attend BYU. I was accepted to BYU, but I decided to attend the University of Utah so I could stay home and date Brian. I have never regreted that decision, but there is a part of me that wishes I could have been part of Brigham Young University some how. So for me, it is a real gift and opportunity to be able to attend these type of events and so I jump on it when I can.

Today, I signed up to attend the BYU Womens Conference and I am extending an invitation to anyone that wants to join me for both days, 1 day or even the morning or afternoon of one of the days. Last year I went alone, and I am fine with going alone again, but I would be selfish to not to inform all of you of the Love, Spirit, Education and Bonding that can happen at the Conference. I remember very clearly that when I walked away from the 1 class that I attended, I was never going to miss out on an icredible opportunity like this again.

So please, consider it and come and join me!


Annban10 said...

I have always wanted to do it. Next year maybe when I don't have a baby?? Women from all over the world fly here to attend. I here it's amazing!! Also, the BYU womens conference books sell like crazy from even all of the past years, so I'm sure the talks are fantastic!! I'm jealous you get to go!! :)

I responded to your question on my blog. If you ever have questions, I would be glad to come over, or you can come here, and see it up close!!

Annban10 said...

That last part didn't sound too good did it. I'm talking about food storage room!!

Katie said...

I would love to go with you. My mom went last year too and really enjoyed it. If I can get the time off of work, I'll go with you. I'll ask around tomorrow and let you know.

Anonymous said...

Your BYU is where you make it!


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