Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Getting Closer to a Dream Come True!

I am so excited to say that I am 1 step closer to one of my dreams. The Bishop gave me 3 tickets to General Conference on Saturday morning!! I am so excited, I could almost pee my pants. I am fully aware that I will be sitting in the balcony of the Conference Center and my luck the back row. However, I will be in the same room as Prophet Monson and that is 1 tiny step closer than I have ever been to meeting him.

This will be my first time to actually attend GC. I have always wanted to go, but it always seemed like getting tickests was really hard. Anyway, I am staying positive and I am keeping my eye on my dream of meeting him one day. The best part about it is even if I don't get to meet him I get the consolation of attending General Conference. I will settle for that!


Katie said...

I've been a couple of times to meeting in the Conference Center. And I've always (except once) sat in the balcony. It isn't really that bad. They have large screens so that you can see what is going on. With the exception that it is really high, the balcony is a good place because no one in front of you can obscure your view. There is just something special about being there. I am way jealous!

Annban10 said...

Way cool!!

I didn't know they had a formal picture of the First Presidency yet. It is neat! I will have to look for one for my house!


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