Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Really Good Day!

I don't know why but I had a really good day yesterday! My stress levels are coming down and there is something about a bright sunny day that always makes me happy. I started the day having my blood drawn to see if I am producing any eggs. I then went into work and accomplished quite a bit. I left work and picked up Shaeler and took her to Grandma Henrie's for her reading lesson. She did quite well and she learned a new letter. We then came home to find a package from my mother. I knew she was sending Shaeler her Easter presents early, so I was expecting the package. Shae took the package inside and I opened it for her. To my surprise there were eggs all throughout the box and a note that said for me to find my own egg. What?!? This was unexpected. So I found a blue egg with my name on it. (Kind of took the fun out of the hunt when your name is labeled on the game! ;))

My mom sent me Eiffel Tower earrings because she wanted to be supportive of my dream to go to Paris one day! How sweet is that? All the rest of the eggs were filled with mini-snickers which were for Brian. Shae and I sat on the table and started feasting on the treats ourselves.

Shaeler also got a cute Hello Kitty outfit and a pretty Easter dress from my mom. She was really excited!

She started singing and doing a dance where she was wiggling her bum and singing, "shake your bum, bum!" I have no idea where she learned that one, but I took a picture because it was really cute.

I ended my night at Young Womens. We had an awesome night called "Little Girls Night." We all came in our PJ's and had pig tails. We brought our blankets and pillows and our favorite doll and book from our childhoods. The theme was based off of Mathew 18:4 "Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven." We talked about our childhood memories and how happy and loving we were. And as we get older, we need to keep that humility with us. It was awesome, hats off to the leaders and the Miamaid Presidency that put the night together and it ended my day perfectly.

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Annban10 said...

How cute!!
Parents are the best!
~ And how thoughtful that your Mom bought you those earrings! ~ It's those little things that mean the most! Darling clothes too..
Glad your day was so nice! :)


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