Sunday, March 16, 2008

Palm Sunday

I picked up a book at Deseret Book last week about having a more "Christ Centered Easter." To me it is important to recognize the ressurection and the wonderful gifts I hav been given because of the Savior. So, this book is actually a week of events that highlight the week before the cruxificion and the resurrection. I cannot even tell you how pumped I am about this.

So today was the first day called Palm Sunday. It is the Sunday before Easter Sunday. I was looking at my calendar and I think that technically Palm Sunday is still in April, but we celebrated it today.

We talked with Shaeler about the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jeruselum. We made palm branches from my ruler stick and green paper for the leaves. We acted out the scene and Shaeler rode on Brian's back while I waved the Palm branch and laid them on the ground. Oh, she thought that this was the best thing ever. We sang church songs and showed pictures and it was really quite a fun event.

When we were done, Shaeler decided to teach her own lesson about leaves and stuck tape on mine and Brian's head and tried to attach the leaves to them. We laughed so hard, that I had her take her first picture of Brian and I because I never wanted to forget the moment. Here is what the little photographer took:

One interesting fact I learned tonight is that when the Savior made his triumphant entry the peopled shouted "Hosanna, Hosanna!" Which when you look of the meaning of Hosanna in the Bible Dictionary means: save now. It is said that today when they dedicate temples or have any other holy occasion, they still to this day shout Hosanna! I found it interesting that they shouted "save now" to bear witness of the Savior and His divinity and the importance of "save now" with the temples today.


Katie said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. It's no wonder that Shae had so much fun. They have really tried to stress the whole easter thing in our primary the last couple of weeks too. I think that kids don't understand why the 'Easter Bunny' exists and why we celebrate this day.

Annban10 said...

How cute!!
I'm so glad you shared this. I didn't know about the meaning of Hosana, and now it has a whole new meaning for me too! Good things always come when your trying to teach your kids righteous principles!!


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