Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Ann!

Happy Birthday to my friend Ann! What a wonderful woman she is!! I love Ann because she really strives to do her best in whatever she is involved with. She stands out with her creativity, her organizatin and cleanliness and one of the most spiritual people I know. She is always willing to help and she really raises the bar for motherhood. She has sacrificed a ton for her husband, children family and friends. I look up to her! She is a good friend and I value her friendship!! Happy Birthday Ann! May today be a great day for you!


Annban10 said...

Thanks for such a sweet post!
I feel lucky to have such good friends that have made the start of a day so nice! You really did exaggerate! I'm grateful for your great qualities,friendship, and all of the things you teach me! Love ya, Ann

The Dearden's said...

Suzanne, Thanks for the comment on my blog. It's really easy to say nice things about Ann, isn't it? I'm glad you peek at my blog every once in awhile, it makes me not feel bad for peeking at yours. I loved your apples analogy, I think I may have to use it at girls camp this year! You'll have to let me know if your ward comes up with some super fun ideas that I could borrow. I'm feeling really overwhelmed by girls camp (for some reason the girls terrify me) and I could use all the help I can get! Thanks again for the comment, I'm glad we have such a great friend in common! Monica

Suzanne said...

Are you the Camp director this year and is this your first year. I am more than happy to share any ideas, I just need to know are you YW or just camp?

The Dearden's said...

I am just the camp director, but I haven't been to camp since I went as a girl 15 years ago! I'm a bit freaked out! I would love any ideas. THANKS! Monica


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