Saturday, March 8, 2008

Rainbows and Temples

This morning I awoke and really was not looking forward to the day. I have been experiencing a ton of stress lately, and have had a really hard time. My poor husband has been such a blessing for me and my moods. Anyway, today was the day the the youth were to go to the temple. We are working on a Pioneer Challenge and they had a goal to find one name to take to the temple. I felt like it might have been better to stay home. Brian reminded me that you always feel better after you go to the temple. Hence I went.

It was a different experience this time because normally they do not let the leaders do baptisms unless they bring their own names. I have found work to be done with my family, but the baptism part was already done. They had a small stack of family names that were not completed from a group before, so they asked Sister W and I if we could do the names. No problem, other than I brought no equipment with me to clean myself up after getting wet. Most importantly, I had no brush. We accepted the work and I am very glad I did. I think I needed it because I needed to let go of some anger and frustration. We walked outside to wait for some of the other girls and this huge, amazing rainbow was straight in front of us as we walked out the temple doors. Wow! I cannot tell you what it meant to me.

So we took our pictures and decided to head to Artic Circle to get some ice cream. I told the girls that I didn't want to go too long, because I had a date with Brian tonight.

I cannot express what great joy theses beautiful spirits bring to my life. I laugh so hard when I am with them. They are wonderful people and it was such a blessing to share this day, this experience with them.

To Rainbows and Temples!!


Annban10 said...

How cool was that??
Definately Tender Mercies...

I feel bad that you have been so stressed and such lately.. Maybe I should have kept quiet and let you talk more yesterday! I got carried away! Sorry about the way Christian was... I hope Shae won't be terrified of coming back. :)

Anytime you need to talk.. Let me know.. Husbands are THE bestest friends, but girlfriends are good too! :) Thanks again for taking time out for me yesterday!!

Katie said...

I know that the temple always makes me feel better. I just don't go nearly enough. Plus to see such a pretty rainbow to end the session-BONUS!

It sounds like we missed out on something Sat. I'm glad that you guys still got together with Chad and Ann. Ann's Birthday is monday, so we'll have to go out again. This time, she chooses though-unless you want to suprise her.


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