Monday, March 10, 2008

She makes me happy!

I am not sure what is going on lately, but I have been receiving a few emails about small children dying. First, my friend Macenzie sends me an email that her 5 year old niece is probably going to die from a brain tumor and then Chad and Ann send me an email about a boy named Eliot that lived for 99 days. I open these at work and I am weeping over these stories and I am wondering to myself, why these stories now? Why all of them at once?

I then think of Shaeler and put her in those situations. Would I survive? Could I be a strength to her knowing that her time here would be short. Would I be selfish. A thought came to me that I need not worry about the "what if's" in her life. She has her own mission and when she is done, she will go home. Then the most overwhelming thought came to me, to enjoy every moment that I have with her. No, I am not saying that Shaeler is going to die and time soon, for all I know she is going to live a very full and LONG life and hopefully out live me.

Yesterday, I was extremely blessed to be around her. Other than the temper tantrum about taking the elephant away because she pulled the chord and it started playing lullaby music in the middle of sacrament, she actually brought me great joy. She had to bear her testimony in primary yesterday, which brought me great joy. She loves to put together puzzles, and I am so impressed on what she puts together on her own. Her reading is coming along very nicely. It's like the past few weeks, some things finally clicked for her and we are now well on our way with her education. She makes me laugh with her funny little comments. Both Brian and I are so blessed to have Shaeler in our lives and I cannot believe the growth she has made in just the last little bit. I love her with all of my heart.

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Annban10 said...

I'm sorry about the weepy e-mail at work, but you know, those e-mails help us be grateful for our children ( like you said ) but, I also learn alot from other people's sad stories. I wish when people are pregnant and find out that there is something really wrong with the baby, that the doctors would show these videos before they abort, lose hope etc.... " someone's real story " about the blessings children bring even if their time on this earth is short.

I have felt ( just like you ) MANY times to cherish them, and their moments. I'm sure it's for a reason.. If anything, they grow up way too fast. Before you know it, Shae will be in Young Women.

Just remind me to cherish moments when Christian has a tantrum.. :)


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