Friday, April 25, 2008

3 Little Pigs!

Well this week has been a doozy. Shaeler got the stomach flu and has been sick until last night. Brian and I have been down in the dumps and then the snow! THE SNOW!!! AAAHHHHHHH!! Last night as I looked at my house, it was a complete disaster. No one picked things up and we were just a mess. Physically and emotionally and housely.

My thoughts went to last weekend when one of the birthmothers talked about picking a family because their pictures were of a crazy household. Kids hiding in drawers with socks on their heads, etc. She said it was more than just the "beautiful pictures" that they see over and over. I thought to myself why on earth would I want the world to see how messy we are in print. And then I had the thought, if our birthmother could see our house now!

So, here it is! I am going to show you what our home normally looks like on a Thursday night.

This is Shaeler's version of cleaning her room. Throwing it in the closet in a large pile or under her bed. I have to say that I did the exact same thing when I was a child. Smooth, real smooth!

Before Shaeler got sick, she was obsessed with saving 2 suckers for 2 very special people. Her room was so messy, that I finally found them behind her closet door in the corner.

So, I awoke this morning with a determination to get the house clean. I really believe that the home has an effect on our moods and we needed a pick me up. A big one!

When I started opening the blinds, I had an extra terrestrial moment. There were X's and circles on my fence. Can't quite figure that out. I have never seen anything like that before.

And for you Jennifer, here is my lilac bush. It's just not fair!

I srubbed and scrubbed away with a song in my heart. It feels so good to clean things out and my goal this week was to get Shaeler's closet organized.

So here are pictures of what my house usually looks like Friday afternoon!

There you go! I cannot tell you how revitalized I feel and I do enjoy cleaning! I feel better and here is to a better attitude and the house staying clean!


Annban10 said...

I hear ya Suzie. We have been way down in the dumps too. I THOUGHT my kids were better from whatever they had, and then they get sick again! Heaven help me have a better weekend. Sick kids and a messy/unorganized house is a good reason for me to be depressed!!

The Dearden's said...

Oh, how I wish I could say my house is clean. Friday is when everything falls apart here and I just give up until monday. Yea for you!

Jenice Henrie said...

Your house's worse day is usually my best day. Even when your house is messy it doesn't look bad. I have seen it a little messy, but never dirty. Our closets have always looked like that (picture 1 of closet). Hope Shae is feeling better.

Katie said...

Ok, so here's the deal-That doesn't even look messy. That is better then my house is 99.9% of the time. I hope that Shae gets better though, cause it isn't fun to have sick kids around.


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