Saturday, April 5, 2008

General Conference: A Journal Entry

Today we ventured down town to go to the First Session of General Conference. This is my first time ever attending. I have always wanted to go, but they made it sound like getting a ticket was impossible. This year, my Bishop gave us tickets. I knew from attending the General Young Women's Meeting last week that we needed to get there early to get a half way decent seat in the balcony. So I told Brian we should drive down and then hop on TRAX once inside the city. We got down town plenty early, but the TRAX train took forever to come. We unloaded and walked across Temple Square to get to the Confernce Center. This was very interesting experience! First of all all the people walking over there was just crazy. They were walking across the streets from all over. Then we encounterd the protesters on the corners. I don't want to say to much about them because they do not deserve the attention. However, 2 things intrigued me about that situation. As these men and women are shouting at us who are just walking by, I really wonder if they listen to themselves. They shout things that make absolutely no sense. The other interesting thing about the street corners is that I think that there are members who are tired of these protestors and they stand right next to them on the corners singing church hymns. It was very weird to see, but I guess that is the whole experience of it.

Once we arrived at the Conference Center, I had immediate flashbacks of the viewing. Lines of people everywhere and we could not find the end of the line. Because I attended last week, I also know that at 10 minutes before Conference starts, they shut the doors. My mind was adding up very quickly that we would not make it inside if we stood at the end of the line (if we could find it). I panicked! This was my first Conference and I wanted it to be in the same building with all of the GA's. So, as part of my repentance process, I am admitting to what I did today. I headed straight to the door that was on my ticket, cutting through lines to get there and then stood next to people I had no idea who they were. I know, I am bad! Brian followed but in his defense was extremely apprehensive. He kept asking me where I was going and I told him we are going inside. Nobody really said anything and so we got in and sat down.

One cool thing I learned from the past couple of meetings is that when the First Presidency walks into the room, everyone stands and the room falls silent. It is really a neat experience. Both Brian and I were able to sustain all of the new GA's and it was an experience I will never forget. I was shocked that Susan Tanner was realeased. She did an awesome job as General Young Women's President. However, I have always loved Elaine Dalton and I think that she will do a fine job also.

Once Conference ended, we tried to get out as quickly as possible, but we were stuck. I wanted to take pictures, but we were just trying to beat the crowds. This was all that I was able to get:

By the time we made it to the TRAX station, there were tons of people. Our car was only 5 blocks away at Little America, so we walked back to the car. It was kind of chilly, and I am not sure if it was the cold or the walk but I came home exhausted! Not just, I think I am a little tired! More like, someone has slapped me with the sleepy stick and I can't keep my eyes open. I was still freezing from our walk, so by the time my body warmed up, I was in hibernating mode. I was only able to watch the 1st hour of the second Session, but I should be back tomorrow to watch both sessions (knock on wood)!

So now we are half way throug the weekend and I still have a ton more to blog about! I will wait until tomorrow to share what Shaeler and I did while Brian went to Priesthood meeting! Good Night!


Annban10 said...

You are a brave girl getting through the lines. :)
I'm glad you made it in.. It was an awesome session!
We had fun the other night!
Thanks again for the cookies! ~ It was very thoughtful!!

Jenice Henrie said...

I am afraid to say this but I think the line thing came from me. In all our DECA activities and travels, I have used the short line theory several times. Sorry Suz, but you shouldn't take the fault for this action. This is a true confession. I think it was a learned practice.

Katie said...

I have been to conference a couple of times. It is such a magical experience too. Yesterday would have been especially neat to witness. People that cut in line really frusterate me, but in your case, I'll make an exception. I've been there before, and I doubt that nobody really noticed!


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