Monday, April 7, 2008

What A Day!

The last 24 hours has been really great for me. After GC and my very long nap, Brian left for Priesthood meeting and Shaeler and I usually hit the town for games, ice cream and bonding. Shaeler however, was acting a bit like she was getting sick, so I thought it would be better to stay home this night. After she had a warm bath and watched the Little Mermaid (which I got at the DI for $1.00, how great is that?), I was getting a little ancy and needed something to do. I had a goal to clean Shaeler's playroom and the night before got some great coaching advice from the Organization Guru herself, Ann.

So I headed downstairs with a large garbage sack and a determination to DI a lot of the toys she does not use. To my surprise, once everything was organized, she does not really have an over amount of toys. So here are some pictures of the fruits of my labors.

Once Brian returned home, we headed to Harmon's to buy food for Breakfast and to invite the Rentmeister's over for dinner after they returned from St. George. We Dutched Oven a Mountain Man Hash. We also had donuts and chocolate milk as an appetizer. Here is a picture I was able to take of Brian cooking.

We had a great time having the Rentmeister's over for dinner, and I actually enjoyed being a hostess and treating my family to dinner. We talked about their trip and conference. It was a great family moment and I would love to do it again with family and friends.


Katie said...

I love to host to, but yesterday was really good just to be the guest. We had a lot of fun on Friday, and I think we should try to do it at least once a month. It sounds like you guys had fun too yesterday and congrats on the playroom. I'm not that far yet

Annban10 said...


The playroom looks so good! ~ And I am no guru. ~ Just love it! I am so impressed at how much you are tackling! Way to go!! :)

I so want some dutch oven now. Thanks. I don't have it often enough, and I think it some of the best tasting food. We need to do a dutch oven dinner party.

Sounds like your weekend was fun!!


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