Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Chore Chart.....It's A Good Thing!

Last Weekend, we about lost it with Shaeler. One thing that she has inherited from both the Rentmeister's and the Henrie's is her stubborness. Her way or the high way. I get that she is 3 and is figuring out her new independence and yada, yada, yada. What I do not get and will not tolerate is a sassy or bad attitude.

Shaeler loves to get the last word. I can warn her till I am blue in the face that if she says another word after I am done talking, she will be grounded from movies. Sunday, her movie grounding went from a night, to a day, to a full week.

Then as I look around the house, I can tell by order what rooms she has been in. She is like a chaotic tornado. Again, I get that she is 3, but she can destroy my house within 3 hours of me spending an entire day cleaning it.

I looked up the definition of motherhood and...

S: (n) motherhood, maternity (the kinship relation between an offspring and the mother)

I don't see 24 hour maid in there at all, do you?

So as I am preparing my activity for the Laurels this week, it really made me ponder. Our activity was about choices and consequences. We can always choose our choices, but we cannot always choose our consequences. I truly believe if Shaeler can understand this principle at an early age, then it will help her the rest of her life.

So I made the chore chart. 30 Items that she can choose to do to earn to watch a movie, buy a movie or buy a toy. Positive choices with positive consequences. Last night I introduced the chore chart to Shaeler and she was motivated to be able to put stickers up. It is the most beautiful thing I think I have done as a mother that I could shed a tear.

After being gone to mutual all night, I came home to a clean house. Brian helped Shaeler earn stickers last night and they were both in happy cheerful moods. Again, a beautiful thing and my cup runneth over.

So here's to crossing my fingers that the chore chart will be successful and that the attitude can be checked at the door, because it is not welcome in my house.


Annban10 said...

Yeah!! So happy for your family!
I have found for OUR own family, that I have to change things up all of the time. Charts work for a while, and then I have to find something new. Maybe because we all have some ADD in us? I'm not sure, but it's made me have to be creative! :)
Yeah for chore charts!!

Melissa said...

Great Idea!! WE seem to have the same attitude in our house...does it run in all 3 year old girls? Anyway, when I ask my 3 year old to clean her room, I usually find her asleep on her floor. I am not saying that this is a bad thing, however, she doesn't seem ot get her room cleaned and I usually end up doing it. I just may have to give your idea a try in my household! Do you think it works on Husbands too!

Jenice Henrie said...

Good news she is almost 4! Just wait to see what a 4 year old has up her sleeve. It just gets better year to year. Keep looking forward to her teens. Love you both.

Lance and Amber said...

Sounds like that will be something to work on. I know my sisters have done the chore charts and it seemed to work well. Good luck with her and the chart!! I just can't wait till I have two kids that will be going through those things at the same time. Heaven help me!! Good thing I have a few years and a boy and a girl. I hear boys can be easier!! We will see.. :)

The Dearden's said...

Hey, do you think the "chore chart" would work for my camp girls? My boys are always excited about it for a week or so, but then, not so much. I need to find something that works (both for my kids and the camp girls) soon!

Clarke & Kamie said...

what a good idea! Lately Mariko has had a bit of an attitude as well. The other night Clarke was scolding her for not listening and she says "SHHHHH!" We about lost it. Maybe I'll have to try the chore chart! Good for summer too.

JENNIFRO said...

Way to go! Those things do make a big difference--I've found you have to switch them up a lot.


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