Friday, May 30, 2008

A Small Treasure for Me!

This last Memorial day weekend was probably the first time that I went to a cemetary willingly and not because someone I knew had passed away. It was an incredible experience. The pictures I have I am having a small problem downloading, but of all the cemetaries, my favorite was the Bingham Canyon Cemetery.

My moms side of the family lived in Bigham Canyon when it was a booming city for mining. My moms side of the family is also where I have my focus on my geneaology. There are a lot of missing pieces and holes and not a lot of documentation. My mom has been an absolute doll for trying to help me.

When we went to Bigham Canyon Cemetery, it has a real old feeling to it. I can imagine, that it might look the same way it looked in the 1800's. Some of the graves stones were so old that they were weathered away that you could not read them. It was so surreal. The Tibble family had an area fenced off and there was only 1 head stone that was recognizable because someone had recently put a new headstone in. Thomas and Francis Tibble.

When I was at the DUP last week, I ran to the photography archives to see if I could find any pictures of the ancestors that I could think of, and not one name was listed. I was so dissapointed. For personal reasons, I needed to know what some of my ancestors looked like.

After going to the cemeteries, I sat down and decided to do some more genealogy work. I popped onto and out of the blue, someone had recently posted pictures of Thomas and Francis Tibble. Wow! I just sat there stunned. What are the odds! I also found out that they came with the William Seeley Company in 1868 and there is an entry of their travels.

What a reward for going out in the rain and visiting my ancestry. I will be eternally grateful!

Thomas Tibble

Francis Grunsel Tibble


Annban10 said...

AWESOME GIRL!! I'm sure they are soo happy!! It's really all about the sacrifice and time you put into searching for them. They will help you all of the way, because they want to be found!!
Keep the spirit, and keep persisting!! You will be rewarded!

Jenice Henrie said...

When I come to SLC next time, we can go to Claudia's house. She has all the pictures that survived mom's house fire. A lot were damaged by the water, but we can look and see what has survived. It should be an adventure of our own.

Jenice Henrie said...

I can't believe how happy the two of them look. Maybe we can find some pictures of people smiling. I remember one picture with someone riding on a horse and carriage. Maybe they were smiling.

Lacey said...

I am surprised this is the first time you have enjoyed going to the cemetery before. I love checking out cemeteries, there is so much culture and history in them and you can really learn a lot about the families in a community. For example in our neighborhood cemetery here in Ann Arbor we found a section of the cemetery for members of the Traver family, which is the name of the street we live on. I'm guessing either they owned and maybe farmed the land we are now living on or they were a very influential family in the community back in their day. I think it is kind of interesting.

JENNIFRO said...

What a cool experience! That was really neat to read. It is probably really rewarding doing your geneology--like unraveling a mystery in a way. I should start one of these days...


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