Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Midweek Treat!

Good Times in the Middle of the Week!

Last week I get a call from my cousin Serena asking me if they could stay at my house for a night. She and Lydia were flying into Salt Lake for a concert. I was so excited that she called. I absolutely adore these 2 women and enjoy our little outings together. Serena and Lydia live in Vegas and I only get to see them maybe 3 times a year. When I am with them, it is non stop laughs, great talks and having the pleasure of being surrounded by great company.

When I got home from work yesterday, they were waiting for me at my house. Of course we had to do lunch, so we headed off to Chickfila at Lydias request. Apparently this is what Salt Lake has on Vegas. They may have In-n-Out Burger, but we got Chickfila and you cannot beat the waffle fries. As usual it was really crowded, but the food was great!

We then headed home and were able to gab for a couple of hours. I love talking to them because they have the funniest perspectives on life and people. My favorite moment of the day is that we whipped out my guitar and had Lydia play for us. Let me tell you, she is AMAZING and she is mostly self taught. She blows me away every time she plays and she is so humble about her ability. Sometimes when she is hesitant, Serena will sing with her and it is like a little mini concert in my family room. They are so musically talented! Their harmonization is unbelievable and beautiful! A trait I fully give credit to their mother Lora. What a legacy that will live on through them and hopefully through to their children.

We made cookies for Shaeler's Un-birthday and then they headed off to their concert. They went and saw Missy Higgins who you can hear playing in the background and was one of the songs they sang for me in my family room. Serena burned me a copy of her CD and I LOVE it!

So here is to an unexpected visit that turned into a great memory. To 2 women who I thoroughly enjoy their company and are welcome to crash at my house anytime! Thanks guys, and hopefully see you soon!


The Dorsey Clan said...

HEY! I know those two. They owe me lunch. I am glad you had a good time together, they are a hoot when they get going.

Oh and if you could Fedex a chickfila sandwich and waffle fries, you would make my year. ;) You are so lucky, I miss the one we had right down the street from our Colorado house.

Annban10 said...

I don't really understand the chickfila thing, but I guess I never thought it to be a hot spot?

I LOVE company, and days like this. Just chillin in the house gabbing. I think I need one of those days soon! :)

Why did i not know you owned a guitar??

Katie said...

I'm glad you got to see these guys again. I know how much fun you have with them. Don't we all need people like that in life?

I didn't know that you owned a guitar either!

Jenice Henrie said...

They said they had an awesome time and they loved hanging out with you. Both said that they want to come again and stay a little longer.


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