Monday, May 12, 2008

Ward Pioneer Day!

So this last Saturday we had Ward Pioneer Day. I asked the Ward Activities Committee to put together a day of Pioneer experiences to get the youth excited for Trek and Mini Trek. It was MAGNIFICENT!! They did an awesome job and I was blown away by everything they did. Here are some pictures:

Brother A contacted a fellow who has buffalos and decided to burn buffalo chips. That was a plesant smell.

They played Stick Pull! The kids loved that one! Brian thinks he rebroke his rib (yes, he broke his rib 4 weeks ago and has been recovering very poorly!)

Brother G helped everyone roll a can to make homemade ice cream. That was a huge hit! Every time I went to get ice cream, I was told that I would have to wait for the next batch.

Everyone was able to help tie a quilt which was really cool!

Sister L showed everyone had to "tatter". I think that is what is called. It is a way to do Egyptian lace. Very tiny loops and absolutely gorgeous. I adore Sister L!

Here are some of the quilts and pioneer artifacts that were on display. The shoes and hat are the actual clothing that Sister M's Great Grandfather wore to cross the ocean and the plains. How Cool is that?

After the ward party, we went to the Elders Quarum game night which was a blast also. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time, got to make new friends and I learend a new game that only takes 6 dice. Too fun!

We have an AWESOME Ward Activity Committee and my hats off to them for one of our best ward activities ever!


Annban10 said...

Ya Um... Suzanne, Tatting is one of THE hardest things to do. She is AMAZING to do it. There are 2 women that do it in my ward, and we wanted them to do a class, and it's so hard to learn, that they can't. One told me that I could read the book, and if I could kinda get it, she would teach me from there... I seek after Tatted things( like doilies) more than any other just because it is almost a lost art.

What fun you all had! I LOVE all of the artifacts displayed.

The Dearden's said...

Fun, fun, Fun! My great-grandma used to tat and I have the prettiest doiley from her. She had arthritus super bad, and her fingers were all bent, but she still kept at it and that makes it even more special to me.

The Dearden's said...

LOVE the new background, so cute and girly!

Kristen said...

Hey Suzanne - I didn't know you had a blog either! :) Now I've found your cute blog and the much talked about YW activity blog. Nice! You may definitely link me - I'm adding you to mine. Now along with seeing each other every Wednesday & Sunday we can keep up during the rest of the week. :)

In Season said...
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JENNIFRO said...

How fun! What a memorable day for those kids.


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