Sunday, May 18, 2008

Who Knew, Sewing Could Be So Much Fun!

For Trek this year the Stake asked us to sew some of our own clothing. I knew I could buy my way into all of it except for the possibilities bag. Let me make it clear, that if the Stake would have said, "We want you to make all of your clothing," then I would follow the example of Nephi and reply with, "wither shall I go that I may find material to sew, that I may find sewing machines to construct the clothing after the manner which thou hast shown unto me?" ;) However, since that was not requested of me, and I have great fear that any clothing I made would fall apart and I would be standing in nothing but the G's in the Wyoming plains, I opted to buy as much as I could.

I had some anxiety of going back to the sewing machine and trying to remember how to sew. I use to dink around a ton when I was 12 years old and had Homec class and I had to sew a shirt. But since then, I haven't touched a thread and needle other than to fix a button, and even that wasn't very promising either.

We helped the Young Women sew their bags earlier this week, and I am glad that I was there to watch and learn. I feel bad that I did not step up more to help, but at that moment in time, it would have been the blind leading the blind.

So, this weekend, I whipped out my own sewing machine. My cousin had inherited it when my grandmother passed away, but she said that she didn't want it, and that I could have it. Heck ya I wanted it. I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but I did know that my grandma spent many hours sewing quilts and other things on that sewing machine and that was enough for it to be a treasure for me! I pulled the old Bernina out and it was a little sad looking at first, it still had some smoke damage on it. So I cleaned it up and I was set to go!

Funny thing was is that as I was going, it all came back to me very quickly. By no means am I claiming that I did a professional job with our bags, but it was like I was getting help. It's funny, but I was smiling through the whole project.

I made Brian sew some of his bag. It was good for him and I sure got my giggles out of it. He only had to sew a few straight lines, but once he go used to it, the pedal was all the way down and his sewing got a little out of control. I figured it was his bag and he could do it however he wanted.

In the end, we finished our bags and I am just tickled. Tickeled because I figured out I like to sew and know a tiny bit about how to do it. Tickled because I sewed my own bag and did something that was asked of me. And most of all, tickled because for a brief moment, I felt closer to my mother and grandmother because of it.

Here are our finished products. Like I said, nothing professional, but I cannot be more pleased with the work that we did.


Annban10 said...


Oh Suzie, we are so alike in this department.. Although, you went for the project, and I would have chickened out. I still have nightmares about sewing in jr. high.

The bags are so cute! I love that you used bee material. ~ And yes, I'm sure your Grandmothers were looking upon you smiling. :)

Thanks for all of your help saturday. I don't have your e-mail anymore... If you call me, or send it to me, we will send you the picture of Shae and Hannah.

PS: Your sites on the sidebar look great! Thanks!

Lacey said...

Suzie, those look great! I actually like to sew quite a bit. Since I moved to Michigan I learned how to quilt and it is a lot of fun. When I get to town we will have to try a project together.

Suzanne said...

I would love to do that! My other goal is to make a rag rug!

The Dearden's said...

Yea for you! Sewing is something that even thougth I'm not really good at, I know the basics and I do enjoy it when I get around to a project. I've been wanting all day to sit down and sew up a little summer pillowcase dress for Carlie, but I keep telling myslef I have other things that I HAVE to do, so it will have to wait for another day.

Joyce Jones said...

Hey, I learned to sew book bags too. It is my specialty.


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