Thursday, June 12, 2008

Standards Night- A Great Night!

Last night we had Standards Night. This was my baby to be in charge with and I have had a ton of stress about it. Since hearing Sister Dalton at the BYU Women's Conference, I knew that for Standards Night, the Young Women needed to go up to Ensign Peak.

I had been following the weather like a hawk, because I did not have a great back up plan if the weather was going to be terrible. I can honestly say I prayed my guts out, begging for a non-rainy afternoon. I told the Relief Society President last night that I made a deal with God. He could have his rainy mornings, I would get my sunny afternoon. ;)

So as the morning began with dark grey clouds, I knew that He was holding his end of the bargain. By 2-3:00 pm, I had my bright blue skies and my warm sun. So up to Ensign Peak we went.

Once we were up there, we talked about Brigham Young and the 7 other leaders who first hiked Ensign Peak. How they took a yellow bandana and a walking stick and "raised an Ensign for all the world." We spoke with the Young Women on how they could be an Ensign to all around them by living the commandments or Standards that they have been taught. We then started up the mountain and would take short breaks talking about celebrating their identity, standards, repentance and personal revelation. They were each given a balloon at the beginning to that was a symbol of their celebration. The trail was very busy and people kept asking us what the balloons were about.

Once we reached the top, we wrote down personal commitments of how we can be an Ensign and tied them to the balloons and let them go. Then we we signed a Yellow Flag and waved it up on Ensign Peak just like Young and the other men did over 150 years ago. It was a beautiful view and a gorgeous night. We laughed and had a wonderful time. Here are some more pictures of our evening.


Ann Marie said...

Yay! I LOVE Ensign peak!
A good idea for standards night.:)
I'm glad for BOTH of our sakes that the afternoon and night was clear and dry!

Suzanne said...

What were you up to that you needed a good night?

Jenice Henrie said...

I have gotten the two books back from my friend and I think you will really enjoy reading them. I started reading about Ensign Peak yesterday while waiting at the park for the girl that I visit teach and her four children. I will bring them to you when I come to pick up Shae. You look like you had great fun.

Katie said...

What a need idea! I'm alittle out of the loop with standards night. I don't know what that is, but I haven't really had any part of young womens since I was one-so I'm not surprised. You are such a neat leader. The girls are so lucky to have you. What a great idea again.

Kristen said...

Looks like you guys had fun - I'm sorry I missed it!

Amber Burt said...

That looks like you all had a fun time, what a great idea!

JENNIFRO said...

Wonderful! Standards Nights are great for the kids.
I'm in the Stake and we did one for the whole stake this year, and it turned out great. Good job!!!

Liz said...

I happened upon your blog after searching for Standards Night ideas online. This is such a great idea, I'm going to use it for my Standards Night for my YW. Thanks for posting this!


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