Friday, June 13, 2008

Are You Kidding Me?!?

Yesterday, Brian and I had to go over to Wells Fargo to have our names added to the Lion's Club account so we can sign checks. As we are giving them our information (which was bad enough sitting in front of one of our friends!) like how much our mortgage, social securities, etc. The guy turns to me and asks me for my social and I give it to him.

I proceed to watch his face become a little puzzled and then he turns to me and says "You're not Jason Stalker, are you?" My reply back was, "do I look like a Jason Stalker to you."

He then proceeds to tell me that in their system that MY social security number was used by a Jason Stalker to get a loan.

Instantly, my mind starts scrambling of having to deal with identity theft, oh crap what's going to happen next, is my credit score ruined, etc. etc.

He tells me that because there is little information on him, that the account was opened and closed over 7 years ago. Mr. Stalker took out a small loan and has payed it off and made his timely payments.

After talking with Social Security Administration on the phone yesterday, they said that it was most likely a typo error and that I am probably fine. However, I am going into the office to get a statement and sending it back to Wells Fargo so if he tries to use my socail again, they will catch it.

Half an hour into dealing with this problem, Brian blurts out "Jason Stalker? Of all of the names that is could have been, Stalker??" I bust out laughing because it took him that long to find the irony of the situation.

The "head banker lady" came over to look at the situation and said to me "Well, worst case scenario, Mr. Stalker really helped you with your credit score. He made his payments and paid it off. It was a benefit in some ways."

So to whomever Mr. Jason Stalker is, thanks for the credit boost, HOWEVER, dont ever use my number again!


Katie said...

I found out someone was using Jordan credit card for some online gaming thing. I felt horrible-like I'd been used. I can only imagine your feelings when you heard this news. I am still dealing with the fraudulent charges on his card that have reflected on Jordans credit score in a bad way too. At least your doesn't sound like that big of a deal. For your sake-I hope it stays that way too!

Ann Marie said...

Scary! I hate even the thought of it. At least it turned out positive!

Jenice Henrie said...

My first thought was when your day planner was stollen. It sounds like a typo to me too. I agree good news, he didn't hurt your credit rating.

JENNIFRO said...

That's crazy!


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