Sunday, June 29, 2008

Working for the Lion's Club!

Our family has a tradition that every 4th of July and the end of the June and September, we volunteer and help with the Lion's Club. It will be 11 years for me and Brian says 32 for him. It is the same every year, we have to be there at 4:00 pm and we work in the heat and do not get home until 10:30-11:00 at night. The past couple of years, I have become very resentful with doing these events and wanted to have a normal 4th of July like everyone else. My thoughts have done a complete 180 this past year when Brian hesitantly accepted to be the President of our Lion's Club association. (PS I got called as Treasurer and let me tell you how pumped I was about that.) ;)

Not because he is the "leader" at this time, but because I have been a personal witness to what happens with money that is raised. Brian gets calls all the time with people and children here in our community that need help with their eye sight. It is a very humbling experience to talk with these people. Usually they are not in the best conditions and are desperate just to get a pair of glasses to be able to see. They are always so grateful for any help that they can get.

The second event that the Lion's club donations goes to is Sub 4 Santa. We specifically help women and their children who have left their homes because of domestic abuse. From what I know of the program, they escape to these institutions and stay for about a month or so and then they leave and try to make it on their own. When they are at the shelters they are trying to escape their abusive spouses. At Christmas time, this usually means that this is the first Christmas that these children are taken from their homes and hopefully to a better place. I have been able to shop for these families the last couple of years and the Lion's Club hopes that they can have a wonderful Christmas even under the circumstances they are in. I have been there to see the faces of the staff that pick up the presents and they are always so grateful for what we give!

So this year, I am not resentful to give up my time this holiday and work the stands at the rodeo! I have made promises to give of my time and talents and I will happily serve. I will happily give up my fireworks and evenings so that someone here in the community will have the gift of eyesight or that some little girl or boy will be able to have Christmas this year. I will happily serve!

The saddest part is that the members of the Lion's Club are getting older and are leaving the association. We are now in desperate need to find more help. THANKFULLY some of my Young Women and our most excellent friends Chad and Ann stepped in and helped! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

I usually am not able to watch the demolition derby or the rodeo from where I stand. But I can say that this year, I was overwhelmed from the sight of friends and family working together for a greater cause! For that, my cup runneth over!


Ann Marie said...

I felt so bad when I left because of all of the food we all ate. :) I can't believe I was eating Nachos after 9:00.

It was fun working side by side with you. I hope we can come back again this week- unless you prefer not. I had no idea that Brian was Pres! Wow! I admire him alot for taking the responsibility.

Daughters of The Utah Pioneers is the same. The people get older, and people are too busy for the organized clubs..Someone has to step up, so I'm grateful you have!

Chad's grandpa was a proud member of the Lions club.. He had all sorts of plaques and stuff, and loved it. Maybe we'll have to join oneday..

Jenice Henrie said...

It looks like everyone had great fun. I promise next year you can count on me. Hopefully I will be needed to babysit next year as well. See you real soon to pick up Shaeler.

Mary and Mindy are having fun. They have a convertible Mustang and drive with the top down. Even with the heat. Hope you aren't suffering too bad with hot and humidity.

Everyone looks healthy and happy.


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