Friday, June 27, 2008

You Know You Want Some More!

Come one, come all! This Saturday is the Demolition Derby!! You know you love it and you miss it!

Come to yell at cars and let all of your angry feelings and frustrations out. It will be very theraputic and entertaining for the family at the same time. Brian and I will be there working the Lion's Club stand to help raise money for kid's eye sight in Utah!

It can be a great family night!

Most of all, HE misses you!

Hope to See You There!


Kristen said...

So I was thinking about coming until you flashed that last picture but that just ruined it for me. :) Plus I'll probably spend tomorrow recovering from my girl's night out par-tay hangover. right?

Ann Marie said...

We are planning on going. We'll see how the weekend pans out, and how much it is.
Credit card swiper! Too funny!

Ann Marie said...

BTW- I really like the new look!

Mo said...

AWWWW, I wanna come I love crash up fact I always tell Derrick I would love to drive in one, I would probably chicken out but it really seems fun to me.
We will be doing something as equally white trashy (I mean that in the MOST positive way) this weekend~ BURNOUTS and a car show, small town fun! Good times, good times! Have fun :)

The Dorsey Clan said...

Brian is on-call this weekend and Mary is in town.
*think, think, think*
I'll get back to you on this one, there has got to be a solution for me to be in two places at once.
"Why didn't I finish making that cloning machine!" ;)

Have a good time and if I think of something I will call you on the drive up.

Jenice Henrie said...

I promise we will all be there next year. I am totally convince that you are hinting for me to come visit this weekend, but said to say Mary and Mindy are in town this weekend. Last night my air conditioner stopped. My friend Benjamine looked at it and it is going again. Keep your fingers crossed. It's 110 degrees here.

P.S. LOVE the new background. Very mind relaxing.


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