Saturday, July 5, 2008

Water Runs At Sam's Club!

Thursday afternoon
Bought 25 Cases of 24 oz Waters!
25 Cases on the carts, 25 cases pushed through Sam's Club, now loading cases into the back of truck.
Me sweating profusing and rubbing sore back at case 23.
Sam's Club employee comes out!

SCE: Do you need some help?

Me: Yeah, about 23 cases ago! Where were you then?

SCE: Watching you load through the doors.

Me: Well, your timing is impecable then?

SCE: Yup!

Friday, bought 18 Cases of Water. Same routine, although this time when we push carts outside a SCE asks me if he can help while Brian is getting the truck. Here is his small talk while we are waiting....

SCE: I saw the best shirt last night.

Me: Oh yeah?

SCE: Yeah, it said "Get her drunk." starts laughing.

Me: Oh, Ok. (Complete Silenece)

SCE: Don't you get it, it's like "Get'er Done," but instead it said "Get her Drunk."

Me: Yeah, must of been one shirt. I think you should get one.

I had to put this down before I forgot. My friend Kristen did a post about her great customer service experience and I had these 2 experiences at Sam's Club I thought I would share. Nothing like great small talk and getting out there to help! Thanks, Sam's Club Employees!


Kristen said...

When's your birthday again? I think you might be getting a new shirt...

Katie said...

I like what Kristen said....Anyways, I know how hard it is. I've been loading planes with 180 bags and sweat is dripping in eyes (which really stings btw). Next time you go, holler and I'll come help. Maybe I'll even get there before the SCE does!

Mo said...

NICE! Gotta love great customer service! Hey, do you know where I can get myself a nice classy tee shirt?

Ann Marie said...

I am sitting here thinking what the ?????????????


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