Friday, August 22, 2008

Flashback Friday!

A series of events led me to this picture today. First of all this is me and Kamie in the 6th grade. I was just on her blog in which she mentioned she went to the fair. I love the fair because of the crazy things that you see and do there. This picture was not taken at the fair, but I bet there is a photo booth some where at the fair.

I have always cherished this picture. I love it because in essence I feel that it was a great representation of my childhood. Joking around, laughing, trying to be pretty for boys (and yes, we were boy hungry at that age.)

I actually keep this picture tucked in my Young Women's binder. It reminds me that my actual talent that I contribute to the youth is that I will always be their friend. No matter what they are asked to do, I will always be in the game with them, not watching on the side lines. At girls camp, I received the best compliment in a love not that said "Thank you for reminding me that you are never to old to have a good time."

My wish that I make every year, is that I always keep the child like spirit within me. To laugh and be naive and trust me, I can be very naive in a lot of things. To have a good time and find happiness in the simplest things. To be obedient and not prideful. To love unconditionally. And for heavens sake, use that imagination and pretend something. One of my favorite scriptures is:

Mathew 18:4- Whosever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

I hope today, that each of us do something that reminds you of your childhood or childlike spirit. It so rejuvenating to remember who you are and the simple things that make you happy. Go run outside, have silly pictures taken of you and your girls, or have a water fight. Do something that you normally do not do anymore because you are an "adult."


Clarke and Kamie said...

WOAH. Wasn't expecting to see THAT on your blog today!!! LOL!
We were totally hotties back then by the way. Especially me with my feathered bangs and scrunchie headband (what IS that?).
I love that I am in touch with you through the blogging world...who would have thought?
I agree wholeheartedly with this post. We were talking about how we could make the 11 year olds happy in primary and I was thinking the same thing--always be a friend.
Love ya! (I am on the hunt now for an embarrassing pic of you to blog with now...:)

Ann Marie said...

Yay! I love photo booth pictures!
Darling flashback! Cute post!
I did all of those crazy kid things yesterday... I am a like a little girl at Lagoon. I still can't get enough of the rides. There wasn't enough time in the day. :) ~ I know when I have a REALLY good time... I've laughed so hard I have a headache...

Mackenzie said...

Cutest! Love the have kept that childlike enthusiasm.

Happy birthday yesterday. I hope it was a fantastic day! Next stop...the big three-oh! No matter what anyone says, it is just the next fabulous chapter in your life!

You rock!

Amber Burt said...

You guys were so cute, I bet the boys were just standing in line! I can't wait to give Kamie a hard time for that one!


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