Sunday, August 17, 2008

Princess Academy: My Review

I just finished Princess Academy and just like all the other Hale book's, I LOVED it!
It is a book about a kingdom who the Prince has to marry a girl from Mount Eskel. This territory is pretty much the lowest "town" in the kingdom when it comes to social class. So the king sets up a Princess Academy to train all of the girls how to be a princess.
My favorite part of the book is Miri learning "querry speech" and her adventures in using her new form of communication. I also enjoyed her relationship with Peder.
In ranking of favorites with the Hale books: Austenland is still #1, I would say I liked the Goose Girl second and then Princess Academy third. Very close and almost a tie for second. The Goose Girl I found myself more relatable to Ani than I did with Miri. Miri is one fiesty, stubborn little thing and I am a bit more shy, like Ani.
The writing is still fantastic. A cannot put the book down and I feel like I am watching a movie type of style.
The biggest lesson I learned from reading this book is never take for granted learning. An education is valuable and the more information you have, the more you can help people. Also, find out what makes you uniqe and develop that talent, no matter what people say. Find the passion that drives you and do it!
In the end, Everyone is truly a princess and I add my 3 cheers to that!

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Just a thought.... said...

zI started Austenland. I'll finish soon I bet. I bought this book too, so I'll start that in the next couple of days. I am just in a rut right now and don't really feel like doing anything (if you can't tell from my blog), so maybe this will give me the motivation that I need


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