Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Review: Forever and First Love and Forever and Second Chances!

My friend Ann gave me a couple of books to read and has introduced me to the LDS author Anita Stansfield. While down at the cabin this weekend, I took the opportunity to read (which is the most relaxing thing for me to do.) She had me start with

and then it's sequal............

I am not sure if the series continues on after these 2 books, it feels like it could, but when I looked in Barnes and Noble and her site, it was very unclear. So here is my review.

These 2 books are about a relationship of a woman named Emily and a man named Michael Hamilton. They were collage sweet hearts at BYU and she decided to marry someone else because Michael was not LDS. 10 years later, their paths cross into a very crazy story.

First of all, I LOVED the character of Michael. She describes him as an Australian rogue who is rich because he breeds horses and races them. Remind you of anyone? Let me tell you who I instantly had pictued in my head:

Yup, this became Michael Hamilton for me and I was instantly hooked. Only this man could pull a red bandana off like that.

So the story continues that she is married to a horrible husband but she still loves Michael Hamilton. Honestly, I struggled a little with the book for personal reasons. I can say, I liked the books. It ended really sweet with the second book and at that point, they have started their lives together.

A quick easy read, the books are only 200+ pages and the author is a great writer for romance. She got to me, will she get to you?

PS-Anyone want to join me on a girls night out watching "The Man From Snowy River?"


Ann Marie said...

I'm sorry I didn't tell you... Yes.. The books go on! These early ones are out of print, so that may be why they were hard to find at Barnes & Noble. I think these were her very first books.

There is many more. They are all good. Anita Stansfield is one of the most popular LDS authors.
You really need to go through the rest of the story!
I'm not positive, but maybe Monica could tell you.. I think that another series she has written ties into this book also.

Can you believe I have never seen Man from Snowy river?

Suzanne said...



Anonymous said...

I'll have to check these books out. I just finished The Goose Girl and loved it. I am going to finish the rest of those first and then to Anita Stansfield I go.

I, too, have never seen The Man From Snowy River. I thought I was the only one!!!

Kristen said...

"The Man From Snowy River" is awesome! Shayn introduced me to it when we were...not dating..."hanging out" a lot. I've never associated it with romance though because Shayn is always pointing out what kind of horse is on the screen, how they're trying to break the horse, and how stupid Jessica is. It's a Bowler family favorite - all four boys used to saddle up and ride the couch cushions when they were little and watching this movie.

Have you seen "Return to Snowy River"? It's a good one too.

Notre Folle Vie said...

As I started to read your post, I noticed the picture of Jim and Jessica. I stopped, popped open my mp3 folder, began the theme song for "The Man From Snowy River" and began to read your post again. ;)

This looks like a series I would enjoy. Thanks for the review.

and "GASP"(as Morgan would say), Ann has never seen this movie?!?! Harrison shouts "You've got a long way to go yet lad." Spur interrupts him, saying "He's not a lad, brother...he's a MAN." Then, as Jim tips his hat to Jessica and rides off, Clancy calls him "The Man from Snowy River." ~ LOVE THIS MOVIE! I'm going to go watch it. ;)

Suzanne said...

Yes, I liked "Return to Snowy River" but I could not get over the mullet Mr. Craig was trying to pull off. I felt like it dated a classic late 1800's-early 1900's film to 1985 with the hair do he was pulling off. I still liked the movie, I just wasn't digging the hair in the second one! -Suzanne

Suzanne said...


I think I will play the theme song too right now!

Thanks for the lines, that movie is a classic!


I am finding you the movie! It is a MUST watch!


Cefalo Family said...

Ok, I absolutely love Man from Snowy River. Such a classic and Jim, all I can say is HOT. Ya, the Return to Snowy river was ok but kind of bugged me. It was a combination of the mullet and her buck teeth. I want to go home and watch movies now.

As for the books, sorry can't do Anita Stansfield too cheesy for me. Sure lots of people like them though. :)

Me said...

It looks like I'm not that lame after all-I've never seen the man from snowy river either. I must have been sheltered as a child (j/k).

Suzanne said...

Oh, for the love people!! It is official! I am having a girls night out to watch the Man from Snowy River!! I am thinking either the night of Saturday October 4th during Priesthood Meeting (I will be home alone, Shae is going to Vegas) or the following Saturday, October 11th! Those of you who have not seen it, YOU ARE MINE and you better not watch the movie until then!! All are invited! -Suzanne

Amber Burt said...

I actually love Anita Stansfield, I know not everyone can stand her. I own every book she's ever published if you would like to borrow them just let me know.

JENNIFRO said...

Hmm......I am intrigued. It seems like I don't read anything these days (but the computer!) LAME.

Oh wow...Ann it seems crazy you haven't seen that movie. Are you now going to admit you haven't seen "Somewhere in Time" also?? Heaven forbid!!

Miss Megan said...

Hmmm...I'm still not sure if I'm ready to venture into LDS romance yet. My girlfriend is actually a family friend of Anita Stansfield so she is always telling me how great the books are. Maybe I just need to get over myself and read one already, and then I can judge if I like it or not. And the leading man's name is Michael! Ha ha! Maybe it's a sign after all? :)


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