Thursday, September 25, 2008

Recap of the Escape!

Here is a quick recap of our weekend down at the cabin. It is about a 3 1/2 hour drive to the cabin and it was a quick drive for me. Our cabin is about 45 minutes North of Bryce Canyon, so it is a little ways down in Southern Utah.
My most favorite thing about the cabin is the wall of windows. It faces South and in the afternoon, on a cold fall day, it will heat up the cabin to nice and toasty. I am a huge natural light girl and you cannot get any brighter than this!

Tried to take an "artistic" shot to get a feel of the scernery. Lots of rolling hills with sagebrush. You would not believe how easily you can lose yourself behind one of the hills.

We have no telephones, no cable or sattelite, but we do have a television. The Dority's brought down their wii to entertain the children. This is L who is playing Hannah Montana and let me tell you, she holds nothing back.

Shae playing the wii with the help of J. She was just tickled to be able to play with L and J even though they are no where near Shae's age. J was the best little babysitter for me!

This boy has an addiction to the wii. He got in trouble many times and he would sneak to play every waking moment of his life. Good luck with that one Becky!

Mr Rentmeister looking relaxed and settled. He spent the weekend out playing with the boys. They started their morning at 6:00 am to fish and returned for lunch. Then they went for a 2 hour drive to stake out some possible hunting spots. Yeah, did not go on any of those adventures.

Becky brought down a flower making kit that was a huge hit with the girls. They made flowers after flowers and Shae loved the crafts.

A shot of the inside of our cabin. This is the family room and kitchen. It is the Rentmeister way of "camping." And yes, for those who are not aware, we do have flushing toilets, a shower and a bath tub. Not too shabby!

For myself, I am not a huge hunter. Though I will not mock those who do enjoy the game. What I am not pumped about is hanging death on a wall. Down at the cabin, their are 2 Antelope heads. I decided to start a tradition that every time I go down to the cabin that one of the Antelope will have a new look. Mr. Sanguaro today is sporting a baseball cap for a fresh, young, peppy look!

The other thing I love most about the cabin is the view. We get the best sunsets from the deck. Here are the clouds from the sunset that I thought looked heavenly.

This is the best shot I could get of our sunset. Just Amazing!

It was such a wonderful trip down and I had a ball with our friends. I took the total R&R perspective which I could tell that I needed. On Sunday I slept in until 7:30 am. Yeah, I know, way out of character!


Mo said...

I'm glad you had a nice little break for reality! My grandma had a cabin all our growing up years and I miss those times. You drove right by me and didn't stop, I promise the Dearden reststop is always open (maybe not clean, but open).

Me said...

sounds like you guys had a great time. I'm glad. I miss your cabin! I have some great memories there....

Ann Marie said...

It's always fun down there.. Even if we play commotion for over 20 hours, and don't plan our meals the best.. It's always fun!!
Great pictures!!!!

Lance and Amber said...

Looks like alot of fun. Love what you did with the antelope! lol

Clarke and Kamie said...

seriously...that is the way to camp! Last time I "tent" camped was when we were first married and we haven't done it since! I need a flushing toilet, people!

Lacey said...

It sounds like great fun. I hope we can go with you sometime. I love your cover piture of the changing leaves, it is beautiful. This is such a great time of year!

jill said...

Great vacation!!! Beautiful pictures too, I love the first cloud picture a lot!! Isn't it so great when you can go and just relax? I'm so happy for you! Your little girl is so cute!


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