Monday, October 6, 2008

Day 2-4

Day 2:

Friday was my day that I was mostly alone, so I decided to fast. Those of you that know me well, know that I should not be around people when I am hungry. (Seriously, the witnesses that could testify to this is a long list). What do you do when you are hungry and cannot eat? For me, I cleaned! With no Shaeler distractions I was able to:

Clean the house

Clean the cabinets

Do the Laundry

Watch Brian work in the garden

Fix my tire

Run with Brian in the rain

Dink around at Smith's

Go to David A's Isaiah class

I just kept thinking that night: Of the 5 holes in my head, open 4 and keep the big one shut!

Day 3: Morning session at the Conference Center

Thursday, as we left the temple, I guess my silent prayer was heard and Brian's sister Audrey called and left a message saying she had tickets to attend a session of Conference on Saturday or Sunday and would we like to go? Gleefully, I accepted her invitation and we left Saturday morning for Temple Square. I got sopping wet and looked hideous, but NOTHING could ruin my morning being in the place that I wanted to be.

I cannot tell you the feeling and gasps within the center when the 5 new temples were announced. Cheers were made and you could hear in that center that they were cheers from us and heavenly cheers also. It was AMAZING!!

That night, Brian went with Chad to dinner and Priesthood Meeting and I along with some of my friends had a girls night out. How cool is it to be able to hang with women who are uplifting, kind and just plain fun!!

First of all, I was finally able to meet Miss Megan who I have met through blogging!! How scary is it to meet someone that you have interacted with over the internet and have never met before in real life? Kind of feels like internet dating! What a complete joy she was and all I can say is Wow, Wow, Wow! What an honor to finally meet you and you were even more wonderful, beautiful and enchanting than I ever expected. Ann raves on about you all the time and everything she says is true.

A huge SHOUT OUT to Ann and Katie for being such wonderful and kind friends!! It was a lot of fun to hang with THE LADIES as we ate at Red Robin and then got our treats at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I ate so much, I felt like I was going to throw up! And that means it was a good meal!

Day 4: Stayed in my jammies all day long and took notes on conference. In between sessions, I made cookies and we ate Brian's leftover mexican. Not too shabby for a restful day!


Ann Marie said...

So glad that you had some days to yourself! We had alot of fun.. and I laughed at the whole internet dating comment.. Soo true. I am just as nervous bringing people together.. Like I'm playing matchmaker.. Weird..

Ya, and thanks alot. I had to drive out there yesterday and buy another apple. Shameful.

Suzanne said...

You my friend, are very, very Welcome! -Suzanne

Miss Megan said...

OK I am SERIOUSLY feeling the LOVE Suzanne! You are such a sweetheart, and I had a really nice time on Saturday. I was fun to finally meet you in person and yes slightly like internet dating. "Will she like me? Will she think I'm wierd?" LOL.

I forgot just how much I liked "Snowy River". Honestly, it's like horses and mountains and rugged Aussies. What could possibly be better? Maybe Kirk Douglas with a rad wig?

My dear Suzanne, you are a beautiful woman, with beautiful thoughts, a beautiful home and a beautiful family. Thank you for letting me share in a piece of that!

As to the other things you mentioned in your post. I agree, conference just has a way of strengthening my spirit, and let me tell you that I NEEDED that this week. Thanks for reminding me that I need to get my booty back to the temple ASAP. No more procrastinating! :) See you in November...

Mo said...

Suzanne, It sound like you had SPECTACULAR weekend! Yea for you! I never quite get as much out of conference as I should with my family and all, but I am trully looking forward to reading the talks. Thank you again for your sweet comments last week, Monica

JENNIFRO said...

What a rejuvenating time! I am really envious of your weekend...I also, really enjoyed conference but for some reason it was VERY static-y out here so it was a little hard to focus as intently. I'm glad you had such a wonderful experience.

Me said...

I had a blast that night. Again, sorry I didn't make to the move part-I hope your not too mad. Jordan called much earlier then expected. We need to do that more often though, cause I love being around you and Ann (the guys can come occasionally).


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