Wednesday, October 8, 2008

In Reverence and Esteem

There was a moment yesterday when I was grieving and my self worth issues were kicking in, and like the hero that you always are, you rushed in and saved me. I need to tell you that you have been on my mind a lot lately, and I hold you in complete reverence and esteem.

From the first moment I met you, I always felt safe. More like safe and protected! I knew that like a knight in shining armor you would always defend my honor and fight any dragons to get to me.

You did, you have and you still do.

Sometimes I wonder if when you find me in the castle if you find the fair maiden you fell in love with, or the ugly, stinky witch with boils on her face all the time. It's funny because your reaction is always the same and your reply is always "I love you and you are beautiful."

What I love most about you are 3 things: your smile! You have got a great smile and a sense of humor that adds to the joy in our home. Most only see the quiet side of you, but I know, and oh how I know that you are like a magicians box of funniness. You may never know what will come out, but the surprise is always pleasant.

You always smell incredible to me (well except after a really long, sweaty work out). When we were younger, I would stop in the mall and get your cologne sprayed on a card so I could smell you and long to talk to you. Now, when you hold me, I love taking deep breaths and taking you in. My favorite smelling spot is when my head is on your chest and we are just laying still. Being and listening to your strong heart beat.

Your spirituality is your greatest asset to me and our family. When I see you kneeling, I know that a great power of communication is happening.

I feel safe, I feel proteced and I feel loved.

I know that your are pleading in your own behalf, for our marriage's behalf and for our family. I can feel the love that surrounds you when you pray and I love you for it. I can feel your authority in our family and I know that the power that you have energizes me that our little family will always be safe, protected and loved. Thank you for honoring and being worthy of it.

You will always be my hero, my knight, my best friend, my soul mate and my protector. Never give up in rushing in to save me from the dragons I fight on a daily basis. Best part about this princess, is that when we have defeated the dragon I am dealing with, I slap on the armor, climb off the tower and stand next to you and we start fighting together. And the best part of doing it together is that we are always laughing along the journey and for some reason, you keep telling me that I am beautiful. I beg of you to never stop looking at me and telling me that I am beautiful!

And I just look back at you with reverence and esteem like you were a King!


Ann Marie said...

What a very sweet, endearing and heartfelt post. So sweet talking about your king, and I loved all of the pictures that went along with it. My heart aches for you. Keep having the Faith my friend. Keep having Faith.

PS: I laughed at the picture of his smile. It is nice... just funny to me to see just that..

Me said...

I'm sorry you were starting to feel down-I get like that often. I hope that I wasn't the cause or even part of it either. I loved everything you wrote about Brian. He is a special guy and you both are lucky to be with each other.

Cheer up!

Clarke and Kamie said...

I am having a small burden going on in my life right now as well and boy was conference great to hear. Faith is a decision. The Lord knows you and knows what you need--and that is your sweet husband to lean on! Love ya--feel better.

jill said...

Aren't good men such a blessing?! I'm so happy that you have one...

I'm sorry you're struggling...

Suzanne said...

Umm..this was a post about a bad moment yesterday. Just a brief moment. I am doing just fine, really!! But I do appreciate all of your love and concern! Honestly, it was a tribute to my husband and the awesome man he is for me! -Suzanne

JENNIFRO said...

That was very sweet and have a really great husband. He seems like such a kind, sensitive man. How nice to read this....


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