Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Jordan!

Yeah, This picture pretty much sums him up!
Happy Birthday to one of my longest known friends!
Hope you have a great one!


Ann Marie said...

Nice picture! LOL!
I have never seen it!
Glad that you shared.. I think..

Me said...

I don't want to know-I don't think I even want to ask!

Jordan said...

Ok let me explain. That picture is over eleven years old. It was taken in my first area while serving on my mission in CA. It was very hot in Bakersfield and I had developed a crazy wicked rash. Sacrificing for the greater good you know. After two day of this very irratable pain, I decided to make mention of it to the other Elders in my apt. Well it just so happened that one of them was adopted into an Indian tribe a few years previous. So he was all prepared with some holistic remedies in his little book of old time concoctions. (He's holistic Jerry! Jerry, he's holistic!) He found one that called for cayanne pepper. Saying, "oh yeah thats the one you need". I dont know why we even had that in the house for cooking? Needless to say I had my doubts. It looks worse with the potion on, than without it. I had to sleep with my hands over my head, which was a pain. But when I woke up, the rash was gone. The work was able to progres. So now you know the story of my rash in the pits. Thanks for the memories Suzie. I can only imagine what other pics you have that will come back to haunt me. Where is Brian at when I need his protection geez!

Mackenzie said...

Nice photo!

Miss Megan said...

I think I just threw up a little.


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