Monday, October 13, 2008

The Nasty Little Man!

I was downstairs looking for an old Halloween picture, when I ran into this:

Let me back up to explain. The year was 1998, Brian and I had got engaged in October over GC. So this was our first Christmas as being engaged. I had no idea what he would get me for a gift. So he comes over and gives me 2 presents.

A Guitar!! (Right on, I have always wanted one!)


The Nasty Little Man!

I looked at it trying to figure out why he gave me an angry little man that looked bitter because he didn't make it as an Umpa-Loompa?
I graciously thanked him for the angry doll, shouted for joy for the guitar and that was our Christmas as fiances.
See picture below:

In all honesty, the Nasty Little Man scared me. Some dolls really creep me out, and I could just imagine him coming to life, tearing up my clothes and spitting on me. So I tucked him away in a box of dolls, hoping that the little nightmare would never haunt me again.

Until Today!!

I've decided that it would be fun to find out what would make the Nasty Little Man happy. So, he will travel around with me and Shae to try new things, hopefully we can maybe crack a smile out of this guy.

I also want this to be fun for you!

I am going to randomly post pictures of the Nasty Little Man hiding through out all of the little adventures that Shae and I go on.

If you spot the Nasty Little Man and comment where he is, the first person I will give a prize!

Like maybe:

Your favorite Candy Bar

$1.00 bill

or whatever I can think of!

Here is a sample:

No, this picture does not count! Just wanted to give you a taste on how sneaky the little guy can be! Centering him in the picture probably was the dead give away, but WHATEVER!

Here's to the Adventures of the Nasty Little Man!


Me said...

That is too funny. Me and another friend stole an ugly skirt from my friends closet and when we go out, we take pictures of it with us. At the end of the year, we're going to make an album of the 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Ugly Skirt.' Just as a joke of course!

What inspired Brian to give you nasty little man anyways?

Suzanne said...

I will have to ask him. I cannot remember what he said. -Suzanne

Ann Marie said...

Are you sure you don't want to use my doll??? I had no idea you hated them so until my Halloween party that year. I thought it was an awesome party! Maybe she'll have to come over for a Halloween visit!
I really like Brian, but that is one of the weirdest gifts I have ever seen...:)

JENNIFRO said...

Well..Suzanne! Stange little men, found in boxes in the basement--what else do you have hiding down there? ; ) I like it! Kind of like...WHere's Waldo!

Clarke and Kamie said...

ha! that thing really is creepy--it's not just you. He comes alive at night and watches you sleep...ah ah ah!!! I'm digging your overalls, too!

Suzanne said...

Ok, Ok! Apparently- I have forgotten the entire story!! (You will find out quickly, I have a poor memory, thank goodness for Brian).

Brian said to tell you all that we had been out Christmas shopping for other people and we had seen a collection of those type of dolls. He said I freaked out (and do you blame me?) when I saw the little fella. So as a GAG gift, he got me the nasty little man! It's coming back to me, I think I can remember, HOWEVER, I do remember the feelins of fear having him in my home.

Kamie- Thanks a lot! Now he is going to have to go out into the garage at night, so if he really does come alive, I can at least here him come through the door. Ha Ha! Hey, I knew someone might comment on my overalls! At least I don't have just one strap hitched. Yeah and BTW - found lots of pictures of you too! Keep your eye out for my flashbacks!! I have some great ones of you, too! -Suzanne

Mackenzie said...

Yeah...kind of a creepy doll. This is coming from a doll lover!
I will be anxious to see where the little guy ends up. He kind of reminds me of that doll in the horror movie about the doll coming to life.


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