Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Review: Enna Burning

To continue on my obsession with Shannon Hale, my dear friend Tiffany let me borrow a couple more of Shannon's books. Enna Burning was the first one I dove into because I ADORED the Goose Girl so much.
Enna is the friend of Isi who is the Goose Girl and in Enna burning the story continues on about these 2 girls but more of the focus now on Enna, hence the title Enna Burning. I can hear you all now saying "Duh!"
I liked this book a lot. Goose Girl was sweet and innocent love and Enna Burning was a little more serious and had a little more romance. Who doesn't love a good love triangle? This book has more war and fighting in it and that was WAY different from Goos Girl. She also had insecurities about who she was and what she had to overcome and there are a lot of deep metaphors that Enna's life could be compared to. I actually have a couple of questions for Shannon Hale in which I think I just might email her about, or at least leave a post on her blog.
So who would I recommend this book to? EVERYONE with eyes! Although, start with the Goose Girl in which I gave RAVE reviews!! Don't remember? Click Here.
Happy Reading to you All!


Ann Marie said...

I'm glad you read this.. I wanted to after seeing so much written about it on her blog. Another one to read when I ever get the chance. I need to read your 2, so I can get them back quickly! Sorry!

Miss Megan said...

You are the second person to recommend "Enna Burning" to me (although I think Shannon Hale's work speaks for itself). I definitely need to get my hands on a copy of this! Thank you for your review - and yes I love a good romance. Is there anything better? More book reviews, please!

Carrie said...

I am making a list of all of your reviews. I have never heard of Shannon Hale, but I don't get around much. Thanks for the reviews! Now, where can I get some more time?


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