Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Sick Woman's Rant!

I have been suffering from a head cold the past couple of days which means the following equation:
head cold = stuffy nose = can't breathe = not sleeping well at night = Extreme tiredness = A bit more cranky!

I knew I hit my extreme low when I heard Wilson Phillips on the radio and I almost swore.

(Almost, no not really, but some really type of bad word like crap or something.)

I don't want to offend any Wilson Phillips groupies, but listening to them for me is like fingernails on a chalk board. I find it kind of weird that I have such feelings like that for them because:

A: I love harmonizations in singing.

B: They sing the soft easy rock I usually listen to

C: They are really nice people.

But I can't handle listening to them to the point as soon as I hear their songs come on the radio, it is an immediate change the station with a small groan.

Sadly to say, I have the same reactions to some of ..........................Bette Middlers songs! (The room suddenly goes silent and there a couple of gasps followed by the cricket sound.)
There I said it, it is out and I admit it!

Yeah, I can hear the crowds saying "What is this girl's problem?" Nothing, I guess it just have to do with preferences. And I do not prefer them.

I am not making a proclamation on their value as singers, I am sure they are wonderful women (well, kind of questioning Carnie Wilson and some of her recent adventures) but for the love, FM 100 stop playing Wilson Phillips so much or I am going to have to leave you. Thanks for the mug and all, but I cannot continue to be upset (especially when sick) on a consistent basis!
For the love, once a day is ENOUGH!!

So, I am curious! What are some of your NON PREFERENCES in life! Not that you have a hate for them (or maybe you do) but what makes you almost swear when you are cranky? And this is not to be a bash on people, places or things, I am just curious as to what gets your goat?


Me said...

I hate political commercials. It is really bad this time of year, and I H-A-T-E them. Even if I like the canidate (can't spell tonight), I hate the bashing that goes on.

I guess you could say that I don't like commercials in general. DVR was the greatest thing ever invented.

As far as music goes, I'm pretty easy there. I just don't listen to the stations that play country or heavy rock/metal. I have to agree though that Wilson Philips and Bette Midler remind me too much of the 80's. And every so often I hear Milli Vanilli-which makes me wonder why. They really never existed-did they? I also don't like how stations play the same song over and over and over again. I can handle 1 song once, but every 2 hours drives me crazy.

Sorry about the cold. I'm there with you though. I've had it for about a week and a half. I think I'm just getting past it though (I'm crossing my fingers right now).

Ann Marie said...

Sorry your sick!! You guys all have almost 20 days to get better from all of your colds and stomach stuff! Drink lots of fluids, and eat lots of soup! There is a naughty side of me that wants to be in a car with you right now and CRANKING up "Your in Love.. That's the way...It should be.. " he-he!
Lately I am not a celin Dion liker. I loved her when Titanic came out, but lately she drives me up the wall. Unfortunately, lots of soft rock does though.. ( at least what they play over and over on the radio..)
But, I'm with Katie too. I'm tired of the political stuff... Flyers, commercials, everything! Has anyone ever decided to vote for someone after seeing a commercial or getting a flyer in the mail, or seeing a billboard? If so.. I'm kinda scared.

Anyways, I'm rambling.. Get well soon.. ~ At least you don't have the barf's. Alot going around everywhere I turn.. I don't know how to escape it!!!!!

Miss Megan said...

Two words: NEIL. DIAMOND.

"There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who like Neil Diamond, and those who don't. My wife LOVED him." -What About Bob?

Seriously, best line in a movie ever.

I hate Neil Diamond. Most people think it's pretty un-American of me, but whatever. I hate his voice. I hate his songs. I hate that he shouts his lyrics instead of actually singing them (if you doubt me just listen to "Coming to America"). I hate that he has a Christmas CD and he's JEWISH. Don't even get me started on the Diamond. To me, he's just a lump of coal.

I hope you get feeling better soon! Thanks for the Facebook add.

{Mo} said...

AWWWW, being sick is just plain yucky. I'm with you as far as Bette Midler goes, she just bugs me, and like Ann, Celine Dion bugs too, Why??? I'm not sure they just do!

Notre Folle Vie said...

Sorry you are sick Suz, get lots of rest.

I started to write the things that bugged me and once I found myself numbering them and getting to 14....I deleted it.

Hope you are feeling better soon.
<3 Janet

Jenice Henrie said...

Sorry you are sick. You didn't sound bad on the phone and you never said anything. So, hope you recover soon.

All I can say about singers I cannot listen to is Willy Nelson! Yuck. Sings through his noise. Your dad loves him and I go crazy whenever I hear him.

Also, I agree with Katie. If the politicians can't say a nice thing about others then STOP talking.

Melissa said...

I have to agree with you. I can't stand Wilson Phillips or Bette Midler either. And, can I just say that "The Rose" is one song that I hate with a PASSION! Sorry to all of you Rose lovers. Look at it this way...FM 100 will be playing Christmas Music any day now. Hasn't the 100 hours been prolonged to the 100 days of Christmas Music?
Well, sorry you aren't feeling well. Hope you get better soon. I will have to have Shaeler over so you can have some down time

JENNIFRO said...

Well....this really got me giggling--well written!!

I will say I can relate with your feelings utterly and completely only for me it is for "The Carpenters." Primarily, Karen. When I hear her voice, it's like anger wells up inside of me and I just feel PO'd that it's even on. So......truly I chuckled all the way through this since I can sooo relate!

JENNIFRO said...

P.S. Props to Melissa! I have hated the rose with a passion my entire life.

jill said...

I too dislike Wilson Phillips and Bette Midler. I've NEVER gone for them. I must say I do LOVE Neil Diamond though!

As far as you being sick, I'm sorry, that stinks especially when you can't sleep!!!

Let me tell you what I do when I can't breathe, I put a little mentholatum under my nose and get those nose strips. Then, I sometimes sleep with gum in my mouth so my mouth doesn't get too dry (I HATE and can't sleep with my mouth open). I look like a big dork but it helps.

While I'm here...my friend swears by a garlic clove in her lip when she sleeps and feels something coming on.


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