Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The End of a Craptastic Day!

(I know that many of us are struggling right now and this post was for me!)

Yesterday was just a horrible day for me. It had started the night before, and seemed to last a 24 hour period. A huge slap in the face of negativity and I could not escape.

Brian had called me and asked me how my day was going and I told him I was having a Craptastic Day! Yes, even myself, one who's goal is to be happy and positive, has a monthly day of poopiness. Everywhere I turned something negative was happening before my eyes. It is as if Satan turned up the heat on negative thoughts and then let people loose. As I was driving home, there was a point in my drive that I saw road rage beyond belief and this was not the first witnessing I have seen of it.

One time, while driving home, a car turned in front of another car and they almost collided. They did not hit! Both men pulled over and by the time I caught up to them after waiting at the light, they were screaming at each other and hitting the vehicles and it was just seconds away of hitting each other. If either one of them would have had a weapon on them, the anger was so evident, that they would have easily used it on each other. I was scared! I was just passing by, but I saw something that scared me to death. As I looked in my rear view mirror as I was pulling away, a cop car had shown up and law enforcement was there to end the fight.

My thoughts have been pondering as to why I allow negativity to envelope me so? When I got home and had promised Shae that we would put up Christmas decor, I found myself curled up in bed trying to ignore her crying for an unkept promise.

It was not until last night that I had a reminder from good friends. One friend gave the analogy of an apple pie. Another friend showed me an empowering poster and my favorite line was "Take Control of Your Own Destiny." I loved this line because it reminds me that I have the power to either allow or not allow negativity to affect me. Yesterday, I was convinced that people are mean, horrible and selfish. Today, with a new perspective, I see people as wonderful, kind and God's children. Each a little slice of pie. And this makes me happy.

So, I will resume the Christmas decor today with a cheerful heart. (And yes mother, we did at least get the Christmas tree up for Shae last night, it was our activity for FHE.) I will continue to look for the good in all mankind and I will continue of my pathway of achieving my personal goals and dreams. And if you see me gleefully skipping as I do, hopefully you will take the perspective that life is good and come skip along with me.


Ann Marie said...

Craptastic? Oh i am so going to use that one.

I have a had a few of those days recently, but being so busy, I kind of had to just "keep going".

Hope today is better. Glad you didn't witness a murder.

PS: Thanks for the Thank you note.

Mom of twins.. said...

Somedays you just have to have those days! Hope today is better.. It was neat seeing your name and ward in the Church news this Saturday about your cute little young women who got that award! Again great job!

Jenice Henrie said...

You are way ahead of us. I put some Christmas lights around the TV over the fireplace and that was it. We had a two-day meltdown after you left. Neither of us wanted to do anything. It felt very empty here without you.

Meltdown days are normal for everyone. Remember my birthday.

Try to stay positive and find the funny in something. This is what I try to do. Find what works best for you and use it often.

Miss you.

Notre Folle Vie said...

I'm sorry you had a craptastic day. Things will hopefully pick up and you will have a smile back on your face again.

Mom's right about things being gloomy since you left. The sun came back out, but somehow it still felt cloudy. We love and miss you guys.

Kristen said...

I LOVE the word craptastic. You have used it well in this post. :) Sorry you had a lousy day, but at least you picked a mastermind day to do it!

Just remember, "I am apple pie. I am apple pie." It's all good. :)


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