Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Weekend Highlights!

Wow, what a weekend we had!! Everyday there was some type of glorious moment where I was extremely happy and content. Below, I am going to list the highlights since my last post:
1. The Las Vegas Nevada Temple!

To continue on such a high leaving the St. George Utah Temple, we headed to the Las Vegas Temple to continue our new temple exploration experience. Due to the sacredness of my visit, I will not say much other than I do want to comment that I have never seen a more beautiful and stunning celestial room. When I turned the corner and walked in, I gasped at the beauty that my eyes beheld. It was UNBELIEVABLE!! A true blessing to experience.

2. Grandma's Jewelry Box
My mom had expressed that she had obtained her mothers jewelry box and it was her wish for my sister and I to go through the jewelry and pick out any pieces that we wanted. WOW! I was so excited. I will never forget the sweet spirit I felt as I sat around my sisters kitchen table cleaning and sorting the jewelry. We laughed and teased and it was sweet.
Here are some of the pieces I inherited:
My grandfather was a geologist (sp?). He collected rocks and cleaned them and made jewelry out of them. This is a jade that he made into a bracelet. It was my favorite piece and it is beautiful.

I had not noticed this piece until after we cleaned all of the jewelry. My sister first picked it out but then gave it to me because she saw how much I adored it. Thank you Janet, that was the kindest thing you have done for me.
Thank you!

This piece I loved because it looks antique and something old fashioned. Someone had superglued lace and beads to it, but I got my hands on it and cleaned it up to make it either into a beautiful broche or necklace.

This piece had to of been my Grandfathers. My grandparents were married in Seattle, WA and days later he left to go to war. This metal bracelet has his named inscribed on it that I am sure that he could wear during his time served. On the back is the name Donna, my grandmothers name. How romantic would it have been that he wore this bracelet everyday while he was away to be reminded of her. I do not know the specific history, but now I am dying to find out!

This is a picture of her jewelry box that we had to go through. For those of you who do not know, my grandmother died because he heart gave out. When she passed away, she dropped a cigarette onto her bed and the house started on fire. Much of her stuff was damaged by smoke, hence as you look into the jewelry box, you can see the smoke damage from the fire.

I found it a little creepy, in fact, maybe creepy enough for this!

Ha Ha! Just kidding! Anyway, here is a horrible shot of all of the other pieces that I was able to inherit. They are beautiful stones and I love them.

As promised, for Shae day, Shaeler and I dressed up as pilgrims and indians. Apparently the town of Las Vegas does not have brown paper bags, so I had to improvise with a brown paper cover that could be used when you paint.

Shae and I decorated her gear and we had big plans to watch a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving that night with her cousins. Instead, Shae spent the night throwing up. Pleasant!

Brian wanted me to note that he had plans to wear his brown paper sack vest with Shae. However, he felt the farmer tan and loin cloth would have been to offensive, so he held back! Ha ha!

I am grateful for our Thanksgiving weekend. My mom cooked a wonderful meal and we had a great time with the family! Thank you!
Lastly, I came home to find out that Laura's story was printed in the Deseret News this weekend. For those of you that would like to see, click here.


Jenice Henrie said...

Ok, I was around the entire weekend and I never saw you use your camera once. Did you take the picture of the jewelry at Janet's house or when you got home?

I loved reading the article. It shows the love and generosity of everyone.

We really enjoyed your visit. Please thank Brian again for fixing my electric plugs. I really didn't expect his help. Especially by the vomited carpet area. That went way beyond doing a favor.

First words out of Bob's mind (5 minutes after you left)--I miss them.

Jenice Henrie said...

P.S. Very sneaky about the ugly old man. I would never have noticed him in the jewelry box.

Me said...

What a neat experience. Jordan and I have been through the St. George temple a couple of times. But I have never been to the Las Vegas one-now you've given me extra incentive to go.

I'm sorry Shae got sick. Hopefully she is ok now. I loved the fact that you were going to dress up to watch 'Charlie Brown.' We watched that here, but in our 'normal' clothes.

And about the jewelry, what a neat experience. I remember when she passed away and how hard it was for you. As I was looking at the pieces that you wrote about, I couldn't help but think of my own grandpa. He too would pick out stones and turn them into jewelry for us. I still have every piece he every gave me. And they all me the world to me. I know that when he is no longer with me, I will at least have those to look at and remember him better.

Thanks for sharing and sorry for the long comment. I'm just feeling very emotional right now with things that have happened in the last week or so. BTW, the Christmas party was changed to Dec. 12th-good thing Twilight got moved.

Clarke and Kamie said...

my grandpa made jewelry too! Isn't it neat to get pieces of jewelry after they are gone?

Ann Marie said...

What a fun weekend.. Other than the barf's. Yuck!

The Vegas is my Mom's favorite Celestial room also. She loves it.
Glad you had the chance to go!

Love that you and Janet had a good time together going through the stuff. Those are favorite times to me.
Next time I am over, you'll have to show them to me.. They all are so unique and fun. I love the piece that you may turn into a broach. Very pretty.
The top bracelet is the same style Bella wears in the movie. Am I sick or what?? When you see it over and over, you start to notice all of that silly stuff...

JENNIFRO said...

That was a GREAT post! I was married in the LV temple so I can vouch for how gorgeous that room is! I loved all the jewelry and the memories weaved throughout--so interesting and nostalgic. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time with your family--too funny about the loin cloth--that would have made for a GREAT post!

Cute pics of you and Shae.

{Mo} said...

Suzanne~ It sounds like you had a good weekend, minus the sickies :(
The only time I've been to the Las Vegas Temple was for my brothers wedding. I'd really like to go back and do a session sometime. What a great memory you'll have of going through your Grandma's jewlery with your sister. Shae is one lucky girl to have a mom who will dress up with her! Monica

Mackenzie said...

Sounds like a great weekend. The jewelry is beautiful. I remember when she passed away and what difficulty followed. It is hard to believe we have been friends so long!

Sorry to hear about Shae. Jack has been pretty sick too. It is the worst when your kids are sick. Time stops and you wish you could take their place.

We love the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving movie. Especially the extra feature on the DVD with the Plymouth Rock story.

Let's do another lunch date...or family night...soon.

Miss Megan said...

Sad that your grandmothers house burned, but it's amazing that her jewelry was salvaged. I loved all the antique pieces (of course!), but I think my favorite was probably your grandpa's metal bracelet. How very romantic!

jill said...

What a fun post! I especially loved looking at the old jewelry, SO neat! I'm sorry that Shae got sick, that stinks! You both looked great in your Thanksgiving costumes!


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