Friday, December 12, 2008

I have a new obsession.....ok, I do!

(Me, Brian and Shae)
(I give all credit for the idea to Miss Stephanie Nielsen.)
I keep having this reoccuring dream about a Christmas tree. My dream Christmas tree!
A beautifully lit tree with small circular ornaments hanging all over it.
Inside the ornaments are the silohuettes of the faces of ALL the people I love.
A genealogy tree of my friends, family and all that I admire or have admired, their bit of life documented on my tree. This would be heavenly and to me this would be a glorious sight.
So this year, I have decided to re do my tree and I have started with the silohuettes of my family! I am not finished with theses projects yet, however, I am so tickled about them that I wanted to share. So if I come around you with a camera and tell you to turn your head sideways, just indulge me and play along!


Ann Marie said...

These are so fun!
Very popular right now. You can have them done is Disneyland, and lots of other places..

Fun idea about the tree.. I will be exited to see your finished product..

Suzanne said...


Yes, I have had my silohuette done at Disneyland every time I go since I was 17, they have intrigued me that long. I am hoping that this will have a lot more meaning because of a couple of twists that I am adding and that they were cut by my own hand. A gift to my grandchildren one day maybe! -Suzanne

Me said...

that is such a neat idea. When I was in Europe, these 'gypsies' would come up to us and start cutting our silohuettes. They would do them in like 10 seconds and they were awesome. Its just that when they were done, they wanted like $20 for it.

Thats awesome too that you are doing it. Congrats on your 'new' tree. Can't wait to see it.

Carrie said...

Sweet! I love the idea. If only I could give up my snowman tree, I would copy. I love the idea though!

Jenice Henrie said...

Everytime I see a silohuette, I think of the two that were done of you and Janet. I think I have Janet's in the picture box. I'll have to check. I think she had short hair at the time.

p.s. have your boxes arrived?

Jenice Henrie said...

Besides the ponytail, Shaeler looks a lot like you in the shape of her head except her nose.

Natalie said...

That is awesome. As soon as I saw the picture, and before I read what you wrote, I thought of the Nielsons. Love them.

Have you eaten your snack??

Suzanne said...


You are the devil!! Those things are sinful, I could not control myself!! I am blogging about this one and linking to you! Be prepared! -Suzanne

JENNIFRO said...

cWhat a fabulous idea for your tree! Seriously, that is awesome! I really hope you get it done and show and tell!

Miss Megan said...

Those turned out very cute. Someday you will have to share the secret to making them. As far as a recurring dream about a tree, I say GO FOR IT! Sounds like a great idea if I say so myself!


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