Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Review: Book of a Thousand Days

That Shannon Hale!! I love her work, really I do! If I knew her personally, I would buy her lunch and then ask her a billion questions. "How did you know that you life song was to be a writer?"would be the first thing I would ask.
I just finished "Book of a Thousand Days" and I loved it! I have taken it with me everywhere because it would get to some parts where I would have to know what was going on. I will admit, in this one there were a few dry spots, well let me explain.

This is a diary of a maiden that gets locked in a tower with her lady for seven years. She devotes all loyalty to the woman who is just a basket case. They finally break out of the tower to find that their kingdom had been demolished and they slowly integrate in to a new kingdom. Of course there is a love interest, hello! It's Shannon Hale for Pete's sake! I like Khan Tegas character a lot! A lot, a lot!

Anywho, the dry parts are some of the boring entries where nothing happens in the day and it drags on a bit, but the scenes where things are happening are gripping. A twist that I never saw coming, (which for me is a little strange) and the ending that is gratifying and leaves the imagination to continue on.

I really liked this book. Shannon Hale is AWESOME!! Go read one of her books during this down time through the holiday. You have time, just grab one of her books, curl up in a blanket and go! Well worth it!


Ann Marie said...

You've been reading like crazy!
I'm glad for the review. I'm in the middle of Midnight Sun. :)

JENNIFRO said...

Man I am ashamed to say how long it's been since I've read a book! Well done woman! She sounds like an awesome author. I really do need to set some goals!

{Mo} said...

Now if I could just find a minuite to read....it's been chaos here with all the kiddos home~ only 5 days till we get back to a routine!

Me said...

I haven't done anything but be lazy lately. And my book list of things to read is getting longer. I better get my butt in gear...

NutMeg said...

I LOVED Book of a Thousand Days. It was actually my first Shannon Hale, and it got me hooked to her books. I loved Dashti? She was amazing, and I thought the ending was very interesting. I'm glad you liked it too! I am actually reading Enna Burning right now, I'll let you know my verdict when I'm finished.


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