Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Best Year Ever!

Today, I complete my freshman year of blogging.

It was an amazing year and experiences that have made me grow!

Please call me sometime and let's hang out!

My boyfriend Brian is Hot!

So, please take a moment to sign my year book! Leave your favorite comment that you left in yearbooks past, share any highlight posts that were your favs or if you just blogstalk me and have never left a comment before, now would be a great time to let yourself be known and say hello!

Thanks for the BEST YEAR EVER! Class of 2008! Next year is going to be AWESOME!


Kristen said...

Where in the world did you get the yearbook pages? Funny! I was really going to look for Brian until I thought, "Wait a second...I know Brian's old, but not black & white old!". :)

(I really don't think Brian's old - I just like to tease after hearing your whole dating story)

And Congratulations on completing your first year of blogging school. Stay cool & don't change. Call me and we'll hang out sometime, totally, k?

Ann Marie said...

I remember this day very well! I was so exited you started this!

As for my yearbook line?
" Glad I got to know you better this year! "

Truly mean that too.. I know we were all friends through the husbands all being BFF's, but I have grown to really love you and consider you a good friend. Blogging has really been a big blessing for us. Thanks for starting one, and for coming back from Vac-ay! I was worried it would be a month!

My favorite posts? Oh I love a good variety.. But I love the heartfelt ones the most -- Like your tributes for Birthdays, You helping the YW to get her award, and the BOM review.. Those I truly felt your heart...

Happy day! I look forward to many more posts and hopefully years!

Miss Megan said...

My favorite post? Hmmmm...

Well, you know how much I like your book reviews. And I also like your Man From Snowy River post, because that is how we met. Like Ann, I also like reading about your experiences in Young Women (*sigh* I miss my YW). It has been a great year for blogging!

Carrie said...

I am glad that I found you Suz! I cannot believe we made it through this year! LOL! I love all your stories - especially the skiing one. It made me feel better about my skiing catastrophes. Stay cute and we should get together and play sometime. Not like Lagoon when we were younger, but you know what I mean.

Renee said...

Okay, so I am a "blogstalker!" What can I say. I agree with Kristen! Where in the world did you find the great yearbook pages. She may think they are old, but to me they bring back fond memories (L(LOL)!!!

Favorite?? I just love hearing about your family!!!


Jenice Henrie said...

Congratulations! And it feels like it was just yesterday that you got married too.

My favorite line in a yearbook was, "You're my favorite student, I really mean this". This was a stamp that a fellow teacher had. I wish it was my idea.

I have some of your graduation pictures if you want me to have Janet post them for you.

Suzanne said...

My friends!!

I am a strong believer in the power of Googling almost all my pics! ARrrrgghhh!!

I purposefully did not put my own year book pictures. I wanted random pictures that were older and funnier to look at. I did have the thought that I wish I had my hands on your old year books.


I am not sure if you are a random Renee or the Renee that lives in my neighborhood that I absolutely adore and love, who is one of the classiest ladies I know, but thank you for commenting and visiting my blog! You are welcome here anytime and thank you for "blog stalking" me!

Mom of twins.. said...

Those are funny pictures! Oh how I loved reading all the silly comments people use to write in year books! One I always got was "Don't ever change and we need to hang out this summer" Call me! lol... I am so glad that we still get to keep in touch after all these years.. You were always my favorite to hang out with in Seminary, especially when we had the little issue with Bro. Decker and we both moved out of his class and into Sister Dubois. And I will always remember on my birthdays when you use to give me that yummy smelling "Vanilla Lace lotion from Victoria secret".. You are the best.. Love ya and miss seeing you!

{Mo} said...

Suzanne~ Happy Freshman Year! You are movin' up and aren't one of the little guys anymore :)
I think I'll sign "Glad I got to know you this year, we need to hang out again sometime. XOXO, Monica, aka~ MO"
I don't know that I ahve a favorite post, but I love that you share what you are thinking and you give us a peek at "you". I also love your comments on my blog. You are always so sweet, positive and encouraging.
PS~ My SIL didn't have to rent the caner, they loan it out from the stake cannery. I don't know if that's an option there or not, but it was nice to be able to do it at her house. I think we did like 80 or 100 cans in 2-3 hours.

JENNIFRO said...


It was such a total blast getting to know you this year!!! I am soooo glad we had sooooo many classes together and it is sooooo totally awesome that you and Brian got together!!!!! And that you make such a cute couple! I am really going to miss you over the summer!!! Oh, just kidding!! It's not summer yet. I still hope that even though the year is up that we will still be friends you have to promise to K.I.T. forever K?
Also, I really loved that one post where you sang that vegetable song...I know that sounds crazy cause you've written soooooo many awesome posts but I still find myself singing it all the time! Crazy right? Well girlfriend ttyl!!!

LYLAS!!! (love ya like a sis!)


Eva C. said...

I love "blogstalking" it's a great way to keep up with my "girls". I just love the creativity, something I never had. Keep up the good work.

Me said...

Sorry this comment is so late. I haven't even been home much this week.

Congrats on your 1 year! I didn't realize that you started so close to Ann and Me, but that's awesome!

I loved the flashback of this post too. It brought back lots and lots of memories. What a creative idea.

The post I remember the most is probably the one where you drove down to Vegas and stopped along the way to experience the sites that most of us miss. It was very insightful. But I have to say that I like the gratitude post the best.

Congrats again!


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