Friday, January 30, 2009

Parenting: It's a tough job!

I was laying in bed this morning after my alarm went off, and laid there pondering the things that have been on my heart and my mind. I was up into the late hours discussing with Brian "parenthood" or "motherhood" and how it is one tough job. I can tell that I am being worked on in feelings of guilt when I have to discipline my daughter for not being obedient. I would have to say that Parenthood is at the very top of life lessons we have to learn in this life. Which concludes me that it is one of the hardest lessons to master.

I ran into this quote this morning and I find interesting that I came across it today.

Parents Should Make Sure Their Children Know of Their Love from Family Gems

“To you who are parents, I say, show love to your children. You know you love them, but make certain they know it as well. They are so precious. Let them know. Call upon our Heavenly Father for help as you care for their needs each day and as you deal with the challenges which inevitably come with parenthood. You need more than your own wisdom in rearing them.”
Thomas S. Monson, “Abundantly Blessed,” Ensign, May 2008, 112
Topics: Parenthood

One interesting thought that I have often and Brian brought up again last night is:

Do you think that Heavenly Father has the same feelings about me as I do about my daughter. Does He think "If she would just listen and obey," or "why is she upset when she wouldn't listen to me?" Something to ponder about as we learn these tough lessons on parenthood. Maybe I am the disobedient child of the 3 of us and I need to listen to myself and be more trusting in Him, more reliant on His wisdom and more grateful for the parenting lessons I am learning. What I do know is that when I look at my daughter Shaeler, she is the most precious gift from heaven and a large tag needs be attached to her: Handle and Love with Care!


Me said...

I totally agree with you. Parenthood is the hardest jobs for me. At my work, everything that I need to do is laid out for me. There is a a right and a wrong way to get things done. With kids, it seems like it's more trial and error.

Trae had to give a talk on Sunday about this too. It was very emotional for me. It's funny how the childrens talks seem to impact me more then the adult speakers (maybe thats because I have a mind like a little child!).

Last year our stake had Douglas E. Brinley (the author of between husbands and wives) come to speak to us for Valentines Day. He spoke alot about kids and it was one of the best firesides that I've ever been too.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts today. It really made me think...

Natalie said...

Great post, Suzanne.

Parenting sure is hard. Who'd have thought?

I think we do need to keep in our mind that these are precious children of our Heavenly Father, just as we are. I think sometimes we put too much importance on things that do not matter. Oh well if your daughter draws on herself. It makes for cute pictures and funny memories. Getting upset would be the worst thing to do. I am learning :o)

You are such a wonderful mother and good example to each of us. Thank you for that, and for trying to perfect yourself even more and give us the courage to do so as well.

Kristen said...

Oh man, yes, it's tough. And the problem is I don't think it gets any easier - at least that's what people tell me.

Honestly, I didn't fully understand my relationship with Heavenly Father until I had a child of my own. And then I began thinking all of those things you mentioned, "Why won't he just listen to me. Doesn't he understand I'm just trying to help him? Why does he get upset over little things that really don't matter. Why won't he ask for help?" (because he's stubborn like his mom, that's why!) So spiritually, I'm really a two year old. I have a long ways to go. :)

Good post. Good insights. Good thoughts. And sorry I kept you out late last night!

Miss Megan said...

Thank you for putting that so eloquently. I had never thought of it that way before. Sometimes as parents we think we've got this whole thing figured out. NOT! I am grateful for a husband who comes home and takes over the baby, so that I can save some of my sanity. Some days are better than others, but parenting is truly the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Thanks for reminding me to show a little more patience and a little more love!

Ann Marie said...

I've had the same thoughts lately too... It's tough.

I'm having the hardest time reliving all of the drama from school. 2nd grade! ~ And we deal with clicks,mean kids,and etc.. I get anxiety even thinking about when Jr. High or High School comes around.. Yikes!

Every parent has different ideas about what is right, and you have to do what you feel is best. We are so fortunate that we have the gospel and a loving Heavenly Father that we can seek guidance from. I know that the coming years are going to be really hard, but really worth it.

JENNIFRO said...

This is an excellent, thought provoking post. It's comforting to know we're all in the same boat...rarely a day goes by that I don't question my parenting skills and whether or not I am messing up my kids forever!

Parenting is great, but there are SO many strings attached...guilt, feelings of inadequacy, struggling to have patience and on and on......

I really enjoyed your thoughts. Thanks.

Jenice Henrie said...

Suzanne you are an awesome mom and you have been blessed with a one-in-a-million child. Every parent questions if they are doing what is expected of them to do by our Father In Heaven. You are so intune with the spirit, let the spirit guide you. If things aren't always as you wish they were, maybe the lesson was for Shaeler. You are a wonder example and that is the most important thing that I believe you can do. Looking back there are a trillion things that I wish I had done differently. But even with all my mistakes I think that I was blessed with temporary guardianship for two awesome spirits.

BTW, just in case I haven't said it recently, I love you, Brian, and Shaeler very much. Ditto for Bobbo.

Suzanne said...

Thank you mom! You made me cry. I love you too! -Suzanne

Clarke and Kamie said...

Isn't parenting so overwhelming! We all hope we are doing an ok job. I always just try to remember to ENJOY things, because they grow so fast.

Ann Marie said...

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Glad you put it up!!!
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