Thursday, January 15, 2009

To My Sweet Baby Girl!

My dear sweet baby girl,
As dad and I sit hear in the silence of the home, my thoughts are turned to you and missing you.
I miss your sweet dance moves in one of your leotards in front of the glass of the fire place.
I miss your singing in the back of the car.
I miss your 50,000 questions of "why, what and where."
I miss your companionship in the day.
I know that you are having a ball right now, and dad was even blown away by how anxiously you were to go. But tonight, sweet baby, you are thought of by two loving parents who miss you and cannot wait for your embrace again.
Love, mom
PS (For the readers, No, she did not pass away, she's visiting Grandma Suri in Las Vegas)!


Ann Marie said...

Cute post!

You need to call me girl!
Prizes await you and your Mother!

Mackenzie said...

LOVE that photo of Shae!! She will be a baton twirler with the maddest skills ever before you know it. She'll learn from the best!

Me said...

You are a much better parent then me. When my kids are gone, I kind of sit and enjoy the silence. Of course, they are never more then 15 minutes away and they know that too.

Jenice Henrie said...

Shaeler and I read this together. She said, "I love my mommy and daddy too."

Just give it a day and that void will weaken a little. Enjoy the quiet and time for two. She will be back before you know it.

She is having a wonderful time and is the center of attention for everyone.

She is dancing around here too and asking millions of questions. She has read her book twice and once more for Janet and Brian. Today is playing at the park after school.

Shauna said...

Hope you have a beautiful weekend! ♥ Hugs :)

{Mo} said...

AWWWW~ so sweet! Sit back and bask in the silence, come on, I know you want to :)


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