Monday, February 2, 2009

The Award

While on my blogcation, I received an award. Now, don't get into to much of excitement, it is just a blog award and probably the only award that I will ever get. So I will relish in it! I will enjoy it! I have worked on my speech for over a week, and my fake tears have been mastered to an art. Without further ado, I present to you the award I have won!


I won for most inspirational.

What I love about this award is that you have to pass it along. The rules go as follows:

1. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design;
2. Show the 7 winners names and links on your blog, and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with "Honest Scrap." Well, there's no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon; and
3. List at least 10 honest things about yourself.

So to begin, I give you my 7 brilliant blogs in no particular order:

1. This is the Day-the first blog I started my blog stalking career on. Jennifro is an amazing decorator, mother, wife and friend. She is very witty and she has a very intriguing perspective on life that I enjoy visiting all the time.

2. An Old Fashioned Girl - my dear friend Ann makes motherhood so desirable in her blog. Even her imperfections are endearing. I love her stories of her children, her organization, her gratitude posts and her selfless charity to others.

3. The Dorsey Clan- This is my sister's site and Janet is much like Sheri Dew. She is a "tell it like it is kind of gal". She posts pictures of my daughter when she is in Las Vegas, which makes her site one of my personal favorites. She has a very honest and funny perspective on life and her Wordless Wednesdays are classics.

4. Chicken Scratches - One of the funniest blogs I have read. Kristen is the most down to earth person I know and her posts are hilarious and also very real. She doesn't sugar coat or fluff things up because that is not who she is. However, it is hard to not want to know about their little "farmer" way of life and the complete joy in their home.

5. C Me Read C Jane- This is the first post I check everyday. Courtney is probably the funniest person I have EVER read in my life. I am in awe how she keeps everything together when taking on 3 children with a brand new baby in her home. I love reading her take on things and I enjoy her writing style.

6. The Thurmans - My dear friend Natalie is amazing. Not only is she the most non judgemental person I have ever met, but her heart is made of pure gold. Bust open that chest and it will shine. Her mug needs to be next to every sign that says "Charity Never Faileth." She will watch her neighbors kids and family children for days on time. She takes food to people to help them. Her blog is beautiful. She is a photographer and her pictures always are magical. She is also the founder of Skinny Service.

7. Nie Nie Dialogues - Since the first day I looked at Stephanies blog posts, I was in love. Her posts had that "Martha Stewart" kind of feel and her writing were so enticing. Her life was like a lovely book of being in love with life, her children and most importantly Mr. Nielsen. It has been an interesting turn for Nie Nie Dialogues as she is now writing from after her crash about recovery. I believe that she is truly pure in heart and I am cheering her all the way.

I am sorry, I could go on and on about many more, but the Honest Scrap award says to list 7.


10 Random Things to Learn About Me:

1. When I swallow water or any drink, the sound coming from my neck is extremely loud and make people look at me weird.

2. My favorite thing to do: Nap (Don't get to anymore).

3. I am a huge note taker. I take notes at everything and anything that I feel that I can learn from. My day planner has notes, I have 3 notebooks that I tote around, (not all at the same time of course) I love taking notes.

4. A dream of mine: to have a professional stylist make me over. I think it would be the coolest to have a professional come in and tell me what clothing would look best on me, what hair style, how to put outfits together etc. If you knew me, I don't want to spend a lot of money, I just want that classy, well put togther look.

5. I HATE being late! It drives me insane. I would prefer to be 10-15 minutes early than to even show up 5 minutes late. I guess it stems from a lesson I learned at Business Week. The instructor said that when people show up late it is like saying "I don't respect your time." PS. The lateness thing applies to me.

6. I have no depth perception. I can see just fine, it is my judgement of the distance that is totally out of whack. I drive kind of weird and stairs are my arch nemesis. I have fallen down many of a stairwells in my life. So when I work out and they hit the stairwell, I am either gripping the handrail, or I avoid it all together.

7. I love to read and study. Mostly church stuff, but I think I am a better student now than when I was in college. I love to learn new things especially in doctrine. To be able to sit in a room with those who are wiser than me is so awesome. When I get the question, "if you could go to lunch with 3 people", they are ALWAYS religious people I know or have yet to meet.

8. I am an ice cream snob. I am very picky about my flavors the texture and the ingredients mixed in. I prefer a hard ice cream to a soft and depeding on the flavor or type of ice cream determines where I will get it and if I will eat it.

9. I prefer to be around men then women. I have the hardest time being around women and with men I feel completely relaxed and myself. I am getting better at it, but still, I find myself running to my comfort zones.

10. I cannot go anywhere without dental floss. I have a small gap in my teeth that is a "food trap" and it drives me insane to feel anything in there. So, with trusty dental floss in tow, I am good to go!

There you have it! My award, my nominations and my 10 random facts. I am tired now, and I am going to go take a nap! Ha ha!


Ann Marie said...

Yay! An award for you!!!
I need to learn how to make and do them so I can pass them along..I doubt it will be your only award.. You have an awesome blog!!!

Thanks for the award. You always say such nice things.. I will have to pass it along...

I love your random facts.. I knew many of them, but some I didn't know.. I hear you about being late.. When I'm late, I get mean. I wish I wasn't like that.. but I am.
I love how much you love ice cream. I don't think I know anyone who loves it like you do.. :)
Fun facts!

Notre Folle Vie said...

Congratulations! What a splendid award and the fact that you get to pass it along to other blogs is fantastic.

Thank you for choosing my blog as one you would pass the award along to. I am currently downloading pictures and catching up on things. (If you could take a nap for both of us, it would be greatly appreciated) But I will be sure to keep this award moving as well.

<3 Janet

{Mo} said...

A nap, I wanna nap! Congrats on the award what a great gal to pay it forward. I'm going to have to go and check out the blogs you listed.
I love the 10 new facts.... I'm a freak about lateness too. It just bugs me and I get onrey and mean when we aren't early!
I too would love to have a stylist make me over, especially right now. I'm not loving the way I look and it would be nice to know the best way to camoflage my "trouble" spots.
My SIL and her family are the biggest ice cream snobs I know. She can tell you how the best ice cream has such and such percent of milk fat, etc, etc...Craziness! can't you just enjoy indulging in the sweet yummy calories?

JENNIFRO said...

WOWIE!!! I am SO flattered! Thanks for the shout out Suzanne! I am so glad you found my in turn I could find yours and Ann's and's been a super fun year!

You definitely take it for inspirational--you are very wise and always present such a grounded perspective in comments and posts.

I also liked the 10 things....I always fantasize about the total makeover. It would be so interesting to see what someone else could do with me....



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